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5 Instances of Novak Djokovic Giving It Back in Style to Fans and Media With His Sense of Humor

Aravind Sekhar

Staunch Novak Djokovic Critic Turns Admirer

Novak Djokovic has been known for his quick thinking on and off the court. His reflexes are active even while interacting with the fans or during a post-match press conference. Djokovic’s wit is proof that he is not only the No.1 tennis player in the world but also someone who is light-hearted and the ‘King of Sass’ in the sport.

There have been multiple occasions where Djokovic’s sense of humor was at its finest and here are some instances of the same –

When Novak Djokovic said ‘Not Too Bad’ in Italian accent

After winning the Australian Open for the 7th time in 2019, Djokovic used his humor to lighten the mood. He was congratulated by an Italian journalist on winning the title and also capturing his 15th Grand Slam trophy. Djokovic found his accent to be funny and replied in the same tone.

“Not too bad, sorry man, you are always like okay man, not particular.”

When Djokovic said he does not think about dollars, he thinks about euros

The 2022 Nitto ATP Finals saw Djokovic giving hilarious answers to a question from a journalist about prize money. The journalist asked whether prize money (dollars) came into his mind a lot while playing at the season-ending championship. This was in reference to the $740,000 Djokovic was about to win at the time for his impressive performance in the tournament.

Djokovic gave his response after waiting patiently while he was asking the question.

” No, Only Euros, only Euros and Dinars.”

When Djokovic pulled Dimitrov’s leg in a press conference

At the 2014 Indian Wells tournament, Grigor Dimitrov was giving his press match conference when he was given a surprise visit by Djokovic. He sat beside Dimitrov as both players put their hands over each other’s shoulders. The World No.1 complimented Dimitrov on his looks, which left reporters in splits. He even asked Dimitrov a question pretending he was a reporter, to perhaps mock the media while teasing the Bulgarian at the same time.

“Okay, lets talk, my friend Grigor here, the best looking guy on tour. You need to talk about tennis, you had so much success this year, lets talk about your looks. Can I ask you a question, what is your favorite sugar coated candy?” Djokovic asked Dimitrov.

“Flurry sour”, replied Dimitrov.

Novak Djokovic botanical gardens AO 2024 press conference

During the 2024 Australian Open, a journalist asked Djokovic about his visits to the botanical garden in Melbourne and his meditation routine. He said he has been visiting the botanical garden for the past 15 years and connects with the garden. Djokovic was asked what was so special about the tree.

“I got connected with that tree, I just liked it, I liked its roots.. That’s it, I have a connection.”

Novak Djokovic Instagram post for crowd in Monte Carlo Masters 2024

During the Round of 16 match at the Monte Carlo Masters 2024, Novak Djokovic was booed by the crowd when he was playing against Lorenzo Musetti. The 36-year-old started to act like a conductor at the orchestra. He later put up a post on Instagram dedicated to the spectators in Monte Carlo. A fan commented that Djokovic was the coldest athlete in all sports. The 24-time Grand Slam champion even replied to the fan.

“Too many victory icebaths.”

5 Instances of Novak Djokovic Giving It Back in Style to Fans and Media With His Sense of Humor

Post Edited By:Dhruv Rupani

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