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Alexander Zverev Gains Sympathy Despite Damning Wimbledon 2024 Loss to Taylor Fritz; Here’s Why

Advait Jajodia

Alexander Zverev Gains Sympathy Despite Damning Wimbledon 2024 Loss to Taylor Fritz; Here’s Why

Alexander Zverev seemed to be in the driver’s seat during his Wimbledon 2024 Round of 16 clash against Taylor Fritz. Zverev won the first two sets in what looked like a one-sided contest at the halfway stage. However, the American shifted gears and pulled off a stunning comeback, winning the entertaining battle 4-6, 6-7, 6-4. 7-6, 6-3.

While Fritz has received credit for the impressive win, Zverev has his fair share of supporters who lauded him for that performance.

The World No.4 continued his dry spell of not winning a Grand Slam tournament at all in his career. Social media influencer Bastien Fachan pointed out that Zverev is one player who has been knocked out of each Grand Slam in 2024 so far after either being up 2 sets to love or 2 sets to 1.

Most fans bashed Zverev in the comments section for again throwing away a big lead in a Grand Slam match, barely 4 weeks after losing a 5-setter to Carlos Alcaraz in the French Open final.

However, the World No.4 came into the Wimbledon 2024 match with a knee injury. Apart from that, Zverev continues to be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

So the very fact that he could play a gruelling 5-set match in that condition, is laudable according to some fans and sympathisers.

After the match, the Hamburg native also explained how bone edema in his knee prevented him from giving his best against Fritz.

“I know what it is because I took an X-ray yesterday. I have bone edema in my knee and I also have a laceration of the knee capsule.

“They were caused by the fall in the match against (Cam) Norrie. It is nothing that needs surgery, it will heal on its own. But now it’s pretty painful.

“Even though I couldn’t even walk yesterday and couldn’t train, I felt much better today. That’s why I tried to play, I didn’t want to retire,”  Zverev said in an interview with Ubitennis.

While Zverev’s spirit is admirable considering his explanation, a question arises once again. Seeing that Type 1 diabetes plays a role in such losses, should the German continue playing in Grand Slams?

Zverev has big reason to play Grand Slams despite Type 1 diabetes

Alexander Zverev could go down as perhaps one of the best players ever to never win a Grand Slam. After reaching the finals of many Majors in recent years, it seems that the German loses his stamina or energy in matches that go past the 2.5-3 hours mark.

So it is coming across as if Zverev is pushing himself too hard. It is because he does not want the tag of someone who ‘chokes’ on big occasions in best-of-5 matches and fails to win a Grand Slam everytime.

Should he pull off the elusive win, he might then get a huge monkey off his back and either win more of them or choose to play in certain Grand Slams.

Nevertheless, the lack of Grand Slam trophies in his resume will motivate Zverev to defend his Olympic gold medal in Paris later in August.

By winning a 2nd gold medal, the German will hope to become only the 2nd man ever to win 2 gold medals in the men’s singles category, after Andy Murray, who will play the final tournament of his career at the Olympics 2024.

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