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Serena Williams’ Childhood Coach Gives Fans Glimpse of What to Expect From Pupil Lulu Radovcic Against Emma Raducanu

Rishika Singh

Serena Williams' Childhood Coach Gives Fans Glimpse of What to Expect From Pupil Lulu Radovcic Against Emma Raducanu

Rick Macci, renowned for coaching Serena Williams, has turned the spotlight on one of his other students, Lulu Sun (aka Lulu Radovcic). Radovcic has gained significant attention at Wimbledon for her impressive performances. The New Zealand-Swiss player, who is an NCAA champion, has made Macci proud as she has made it to the Round of 16 at the Grand Slam.

The Florida-based coach took to X to predict a thrilling match for his pupil against the more established Emma Raducanu. Macci, who holds Raducanu in high regard, believes that Radovcic has the potential to beat the US Open 2021 champion on Sunday.

Macci described Radovcic as a formidable player, who is left-handed and a hard hitter like a men’s player. The fact that she has a dangerous serve on grass, according to the award-winning coach, makes her special.

Radovcic getting such an endorsement shows that she has come a long way from winning the NCAA tournament for the University of Texas during the 12 years she has trained under Macci. It has also added to the excitement surrounding the match, with many fans eager to see how it unfolds.

Macci’s biggest claim to fame is Serena Williams and the coach must have surely provided her example, especially on how to play on grass at Wimbledon.

ESPN will broadcast the highly anticipated Round of 16 match between Lulu Sun and Emma Raducanu live in the United States, and the BBC will broadcast it in the United Kingdom.

The match will take place not before 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (7:00 PM British Summer Time) on Court 1 on Sunday. Fans on both sides of the Atlantic eagerly await this clash, which promises to be a crucial moment in both players’ careers.

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