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Serena Williams Gives Fans Retirement Goals by Hanging Out With Friend of More Than Two Decades, Ciara

Advait Jajodia

Serena Williams Gives Fans Retirement Goals With Ciara Reunion

Serena Williams has a lot on her plate. Despite having an extremely busy life after retirement, Williams is fulfilling her obligations as a great friend. The 23-time Grand Slam winner was clicked with best friend Ciara, both of whom were supporting their mutual friend Ashley Graham at an event recently.

Ciara, the American artist, recently left social media in a frenzy with her latest Instagram activities. The wife of Russell Wilson posted a Story, expressing her love for Serena. Captioning the Story, “you always bring the laughter”, Ciara gave an insight into just how strong their bond was.

The 38-year-old also uploaded two photos from the event on her Instagram account. While the first slide indicated that she was happy meeting Serena, the second slide had a photo with other like-minded women from Graham’s event.


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Before becoming two of the most distinguished businesswomen of color in the United States, Serena Williams and Ciara were members of completely different industries, i.e. sports and music. Despite their hectic schedules, the duo have managed to maintain their friendship. According to Ciara, the fact that the two are their true selves is the biggest reason for the same.

“I think the key to our friendship is the fact that when we get together it’s not about what we do in our professional lives — it’s about being free to experience our authentic selves with each other,” Ciara said, per Insider. “The world gets to see her passion for tennis when she’s on the court, but behind the scenes she carries that same passion and enthusiasm.”

It’s great to see the Serena-Ciara bond resulting in their families also growing closer to each other.

When Ciara’s Husband Once Hilariously Teased Serena Williams

Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson – an NFL player – are avid tennis enthusiasts. Back in 2017, when the couple was expecting their first child together, they uploaded a video of playing tennis together. Like many others, Williams also found the video cute and offered to give the couple “lessons”.

Almost seven years later, the NFL legend decided to take up Serena’s offer. Posting photos of his daughter – Sienna – playing tennis, Wilson teased “auntie” Williams, asking her to teach the 6-year-old.

Wilson and Serena had have their challenges in their respective journeys for being successful as sportspersons of color in the United States. But they have managed to overcome them and that makes both of them inspiring for generations to come.

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