Twittersphere cannot believe it as Randy Orton goes BONKERS on Twitter

Siddharth Nair
|Published 16/05/2017

Randy Orton is one of the most well known and popular wrestlers currently plying his trade in the WWE. The future hall of famer is one of the most decorated wrestlers to ever step into a WWE ring. But while he is sensational in the ring, his antics outside the squared circle has had many people question his mental aptitude as a top level WWE superstar. And now in a sensational rant against Indy wrestling, Randy completely let rip as he spared no punches. Twittersphere cannot believe it as Randy Orton goes BONKERS on Twitter.

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It all started when Rip Rogers, who is currently the head trainer at Ohio Valley Wrestling, took to Twitter to speak some smack about the prevailing state of the independent wrestling circuit.

While most people found this quite offensive, especially the wrestlers actively playing their trade in the indy circuit, Randy Orton found this quite funny. Orton took to Twitter to give his opinion as he posted the below mentioned tweet.

One half of the most decorated tag team of all time, Bubba Ray Dudley also tweeted in response to Rogers post.

But Orton apparently took offense as he aimed a direct dig at Bubba.

Obviously, Orton’s remark was met with some anger as Bubba’s better half and fellow wrestler, Velvet Sky, responded with a jibe of her own. Bubba also replied with a comeback of his own in which he poked fun at Orton’s disastrous House of Horrors match against Bray Wyatt.

The next day, Orton sent out a tweet in which he ‘apologized’ for his actions from the previous night.

Well as it turns out, the the Young Bucks accepted his apology.

But other wrestlers found the entire episode a hilarious one. Check out the reactions from Goldust and former wrestlers, Batista and Road Dogg.

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