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“All This Sh*t”: Jon Jones Claps Back at ‘Jake Paul’ Comparison, Slams Fans’ Disregard for Stipe Miocic

Allan Binoy

“All This Sh*t”: Jon Jones Claps Back at ‘Jake Paul’ Comparison, Slams Fans’ Disregard for Stipe Miocic

Jon Jones can not bear any disrespect towards Stipe Miocic anymore. For weeks now, UFC fans have called out the Heavyweight Champion for wanting to fight a 41-year-old fighter in Miocic, who they believe is past his prime and an easy fight for Jones. Now Jones has called fans out on it.

Jon Jones made it very clear why he had chosen to fight Stipe Miocic over Tom Aspinall. He has repeatedly explained his views to the fans via X. However, it seems no matter what he says the fans keep coming back at him. So, he recently just lost it and asked fans to put some respect on Stipe’s name.

“The disregard you guys have for Stipe and everything he’s accomplished is beyond me…..To call the current best heavyweight in our sports history a retired firefighter is crazy. I would hate to be him reading all this shit.”


There is no doubt that this next fight is for Jon Jones’ legacy. Jones has already fought and beaten all the top contenders the light heavyweight division could throw at him. He even took a couple of years to transition to heavyweight and then took on the much-hyped Cyril Gane, only to dispose of him with ease.

Now he wants to fight one of the most successful Heavyweight Champions the organization has ever seen and cement his legacy before hanging up the gloves. And it makes sense too. Jones doesn’t need to fight Tom Aspinall or Alex Pereira. Every generation of fighters is better than the last.

That’s just how evolution works. So it would make sense why he wouldn’t want to fight the aforementioned. If he wins, he wins but if he loses, it tarnishes his legacy. So a fight with Stipe works greatly for him, if hanging up his gloves after the match is what he wants.

During one of his X rants, the champion even disclosed the potential date of his fight against Stipe Miocic.

Jon Jones reveals the potential date for Stipe Miocic fight

Yesterday on X, Jon Jones revealed not only the date but also the location of the fight on X before quickly deleting his tweet. However, he has revealed the date yet again.

‘Bones’ has been very active on X responding to the haters and the naysayers. In one such response, he revealed that the fight will take place in November,

“I talk a lot of shit, but people don’t see how hard I go. I got six months until November and I’m working like a dog. Working like it’s my first championship.”

Jon Jones claims he has 6 months till he fights Stipe Miocic. The reason for the long wait is that he is just recovering from a torn pec injury and will take time to fully recover. However, fans can hope to see him back in the octagon before the end of the year.

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