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Belal Muhammad Slams Sean Strickland for Insensitive Palestine Comments Despite Crying Over Dad Joke

Kevin Binoy

Belal Muhammad Slams Sean Strickland for Insensitive Palestine Comments Despite Crying Over Dad Joke

Sean Strickland is one of the most disliked fighters on the roster and that status is unlikely to be updated soon. Strickland has a habit of making comments about fighters and communities, that are not only ignorant but also highly bigoted. His recent comments on the humanitarian crisis in Palestine have irked welterweight title contender Belal Muhammad.

‘Remember the Name’ recently sat down for a podcast with ‘money loyalty legacy’, when explained why he did not like Sean Strickland, someone who claims to be a tough guy but cries at DDP’s dad jokes.

“I posted one thing about Palestine, and he just commented under when it had nothing to do with him because he likes to put his nose into stuff and get attention. He said something like, ‘they need to just give up, they’re going to end up losing anyway. They just need to bend the knee’. It was the stupidest statement ever. So someone like that just sitting there laughing at people dying, it just shows what type of person he is. He is like a piece of trash.”

Belal Muhammad is a proud Palestinian and uses his platform to raise awareness about the brutal murder of thousands of his fellow Palestinians, a majority of whom are women and children.

Therefore, it is no surprise that he detests Strickland for his insensitive comments. Regardless, Muhammad has the chance to give his cause a greater platform at UFC 304 when he takes on Leon Edwards.

A closer look at the biggest fight of Belal Muhammad’s career

After almost a year on the sidelines waiting for a title shot, Belal Muhammad finally has a date confirmed. It was announced last week that Edwards will defend his title against Muhammad at UFC 304 in Manchester.

The title shot has not come easy to Muhammad, he has had to win nine in a row and wait on the sidelines for 12 months despite being the #1 contender for the belt.

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Now Muhammad has the opportunity to not only achieve his biggest dream in the sport but also gain an international platform to raise awareness for the people of his motherland. However, it will be easier said than done given the first fight between the two didn’t seem to be going well for him before it ended abruptly due to an eye-poke.

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