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Bobby Green Grateful to Dana White and UFC for Covering Brother’s Funeral Costs Amidst Financial Struggles

Allan Binoy

Bobby Green Grateful to Dana White and UFC for Covering Brother's Funeral Costs Amidst Financial Struggles

Although Dana White has been criticized for not taking care of his fighters, a recent act of generosity might help him break out of that mold. Interestingly, during such criticisms, the topic of UFC fighter pay always comes up in some shape or form. However, Bobby Green and Rampage Jackson changed the narrative in a recent podcast, where the former spoke about how grateful he was to the organization during his brother’s death.

Bobby Green’s 2013 UFC debut made him an immediate hit and he used his first big paycheck to take care of a year’s worth of house rent and other monetary needs. However, fate soon struck a cruel blow, and Green’s brother was shot dead in an unfortunate incident the following year.

In a recent episode of the Jaxxon podcast on YouTube, Green spoke about what Dana White did for him during such trying times, saying,

“And so my brother gets killed and I don’t got enough money for his funeral. The UFC paid for that s*it so I never forget that s*it.” 

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson then went on to defend Dana White, claiming he always has his fighters’ best interests at heart. Besides, the 45-year-old insisted that UFC fighters earn more than boxers.

However, there may not be any truth to that statement since the UFC fighter pay isn’t equal for all. The difference in pay for untested fighters compared to champions is miles apart.

Nevertheless, Bobby Green has no complaints about the UFC and is instead looking for his next fight after his dominant victory over Jim Miller at UFC 300. Interestingly, there has also been one fighter who is determined to face Green.

Will Bobby Green accept Paddy Pimblett’s call out?

Jim Miller’s fairytale win streak came to an end in a dramatic manner at UFC 300 when Bobby Green put on a dominant display against him. Following the fight, Bobby Green addressed Paddy Pimblett’s call-outs and warned him, saying,

“This guy right here will find you, and when I line it up and I get the sights right, you’re gonna pay dearly. I don’t watch his fights so I don’t know much about the guy.”

This makes it evident that Bobby Green wants to fight Paddy Pimblett next and is ready to accept his call out. This fight also makes perfect sense since both contestants are looking to climb up the ranks.

Hence, even though Pimblett is yet to respond to the call-out, it will be interesting to see if the pair can back their trash talk and get into the octagon.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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