Conor McGregor Once ‘Agreed’ to Fight the New UFC Hall of Fame Inductee Anderson Silva at Catchweight

Afnan Chougle
|Published 19/03/2023

Conor McGregor and Anderson Silva are two of the biggest names the sport of MMA has ever seen. While McGregor is still active and has a fight against Michael Chandler later this year, Silva retired from professional MMA back in 2020. He departed from the promotion with an amazing 34-11 professional MMA record under his name. Also, it is worth noting that most of his losses in the UFC came after he recovered from a devastating leg break. However, ‘Spider’ has gone on to compete in exhibition and pro-boxing matches after MMA retirement. His most recent bout came against Jake Paul last year.

‘Spider’ and ‘The Notorious’ never crossed paths in the UFC. But interestingly, Anderson Silva once challenged Conor McGregor for a super-fight as well back in the day, which was seemingly accepted by the Irishman.

Conor McGregor accepted the ‘super-fight’ against Anderson Silva

Back in May 2020, Anderson Silva challenged Conor McGregor to a super fight at 176 lbs. ‘Spider’ suggested that both of them have nothing left to prove in the sport of MMA and a fight between them would be something historic.

While the fight didn’t eventually materialize, Conor McGregor was quick to accept the offer as he took to his Twitter account and wrote, “I accept.”

It is worth noting that both McGregor and Anderson Silva have etched their name in the history books. While the Irishman was the first double champion in the UFC, Silva has the longest winning streak the company has ever seen to his name along with numerous other achievements. Moreover, it was recently announced that the Brazilian will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame later this year.

‘The Notorious’ will fight Michael Chandler at 170lbs

After a long absence from the octagon, McGregor is set to return to fighting later this year against Michael Chandler. While the date, venue, or the weight class they will be fighting at has not been confirmed by the UFC, the Irishman himself recently revealed that the fight will take place at 170 lbs.

Interestingly, McGregor’s last win in the UFC was in the welterweight category, and he will look to fall in the winning bracket with a win over Michael Chandler. Moreover, the Irishman is also hoping to get a title shot following a potential win over Chandler.

Conor McGregor recently made an appearance on The MMA Hour show. During the show, he discussed a variety of topics with Ariel Helwani. Upon being asked that would he consider himself in the title contention following a win over Michael Chandler, the Irishman revealed that he believes it will be enough for him to fight for the title.

Do you guys think McGregor should get a title shot if he wins against Chandler? What are your thoughts on his old tweet?

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