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‘Crazy Motherf**ker’: Gervonta Davis, Jake Paul, and UFC Fighters Left Stunned by Ryan Garcia’s Upsetting Victory Over Devin Haney

Kishore R

‘Crazy Motherf**ker’: Gervonta Davis, Jake Paul, and UFC Fighters Left Stunned by Ryan Garcia’s Upsetting Victory Over Devin Haney

Ryan “The Flash” Garcia took the competition to Devin Haney and stunned the combat sports world with a shocking victory. Garcia’s domination started early into round one when the 25-year-old stung the champ with a quick punch, making the entire arena go wild.

From there on, things went south for Davis who was peppered with shots, getting rocked multiple times only to be dropped down to the canvas a total of four times. However, the champion showed true grit, getting back each time after getting decked by “KingRyan.”

Still, it wasn’t enough as Garcia stood tall and gave the audience a masterclass on how to use speed and precision to dismantle a well-rounded fighter. He eventually won via a majority decision after the final knockdown in the 11th round.

Among the several personalities stunned by the result was UFC welterweight, and MMA veteran, Matt Brown. immediately after Garcia’s victory, Brown took to X and wrote,

“Crazy motherf**er did it. Wow.”

Garcia’s masterclass earned him a lot of respect even after his weigh-in antics, selling the fight big time only to showcase his prowess to the whole wide world. Former heavyweight UFC fighter, Brendan Schaub wrote,


The 25-year-old’s landslide victory was such that even his rival, Jake Paul, acknowledged it, saying,

“This is the craziest fight I’ve ever seen.” 

Moreover, while the whole community was appreciating Garcia, knockout artist Gervonta Davis took the opportunity to get in a sly jab at Haney, writing,

“Forget Devin.. WHERE BILL AT WHERE DIRT AT!!!!!!!!!”

UFC bantamweight, Aljamain Sterling credited the former WBC interim lightweight champion, deeming it as a “Poetic comedy.” He wrote,

“Ryan Garcia! This is actually poetic comedy. Is he legit “off”? Or is it all a show? His Skills are different than typical boxers but it works for him. This is a pretty impressive showing against a fundamentally sound Haney.

Likewise, Shakur Stevenson who mercilessly criticized Garcia for his weigh-in drama was quickly brought back to reality, as he said,

Much respect to @RyanGarcia. I’m keeping my word and giving u your respect now keep your word and let’s make it happen my guy beautiful performance.” 

Even UFC heartthrob and model, Nina Marie Daniele couldn’t contain her excitement seeing the young Mexican-born trounce the champion in stellar fashion.

“Ryan Garcia proved all the haters wrong! I’m actually surprised the judges actually gave him the win! LFG”

The hype and build-up to the event was unreal with Garcia missing weight and chugging down what was allegedly beer during the formal weigh-in. However, his gimmick paid off big-time with the card easily becoming one of the biggest pay-per-views in near times.

Soon after, the young lightweight steamrolled the champion, ending Haney’s undefeated run, as he rubbed salt into his haters’ wounds.

Ryan Garcia bashes his haters and credits his victory to god almighty

The matchup was a no-brainer for many with the bout slated to go down as one of the best in recent combat sports victory. Moreover, when it finally did, the fans got one hell of a thriller with Garcia stopping the Devin Haney hype train and knocking the champion down more than thrice to get back to winning ways.

Although the boxer was humble in victory, he did not shy away from trashing the hate campaign against him. In the post-fight interview, Garcia bashed the detractors, saying,

“You guys hate on me because I’m pretty and sh*t, man that’s fu**ed up. At the end of the day, I’ve been boxing my whole life and all I do is love god and try to help the children and you guys straight hated on me, you guys do not love the truth!”  

He then credited God Almighty for his victory and cheekily asked the enthralled crowd whether they truly believed the gimmick and doubted if he had lost his mind.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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