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Dana White’s ‘Multi-Million Dollar’ Company Gets Slammed for Lack of Creativity in Their Special UFC 300 Accessory

Souvik Roy

Dana White's 'Multi-Million Dollar' Company Gets Slammed for Lack of Creativity in Their Special UFC 300 Accessory

Dana White and Co. have been setting things up differently for the coveted UFC 300. The first modification they implemented was putting three title fights on the milestone PPV card. Now, another change has come to light, as a recent Instagram update from ‘Haymakers’ revealed that four UFC 300 fighters will have one of their gear elements modified for the event.

The post, which soon went viral on social media showcased the prototypes of the special shorts to be worn by all three champions at UFC 300. At the same time, the authorities also designed a pair of custom shorts for the  UFC ‘BMF’ title contender, Max Holloway. Naturally, with excitement at an all-time high, fans were asked to give their opinion on the modified gear, as the caption read,

“Rate the shorts, best & worst”


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Unfortunately, the design for the special UFC 300 shorts did not sit well with most fans, with some even taking a deriding tone in the comments.

One such comment, ridiculing the UFC, read “That’s A Multi-Million Dollar Company With No Artist There”

Likewise, another commenter believed the fighters would have come up with better designs, as he said, “Just let the fighters wear their own shorts”

Interestingly, fans even reminisced about the time when there was no dress code, as one said, “Remember when they could wear whatever. Good days”

Another followed up with a sarcastic comment, stating, “There are generic patterns from the early 2000s. Terrible”

Lately, the UFC authorities have showcased a lot of consideration toward fighters’ requests for customized shorts. In fact, two popular UFC fighters have already taken to the octagon while sporting customized gear in recent times.

Bryce Mitchell and Sean O’Malley donned customized shorts before UFC 300

Although UFC 300 is getting a lot of press for allowing fighters to wear customized shorts, it is not the first event to do so. The UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell took to the octagon donning special shorts long before UFC 300 came into the picture. ‘ThugNasty’ sported the customized ‘camouflage’ shorts during his UFC Fight Night 228 scrap against Dan Ige.

Recently, the UFC bantamweight champion, Sean O’Malley, became the latest addition to this list. ‘Sugar’s’ pink Lamborghini Aventador displays his affinity towards the color. This is probably why he wanted to wear pink shorts for his UFC 299 main event fight, a request that Dana White happily fulfilled.

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