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Drake Gambles Big with $675,000 Bet on Alex Pereira Against Jamahal Hill at UFC 300 After Last $615,000 Francis Ngannou Loss

Harddit Bedi

Drake Gambles Big with $675,000 Bet on Alex Pereira Against Jamahal Hill at UFC 300 After Last $615,000 Francis Ngannou Loss

It is common knowledge that Drake has an affinity for betting. It was only last month that he waged a whopping $615,000 on Francis Ngannou to defeat Anthony Joshua. Unfortunately, ‘The Predator’ ended up losing, forcing Drake to swallow a bitter loss. Yet, he did not let it discourage him as the award-winning rapper has already made a bet on the upcoming landmark UFC 300 card.

Drake recently took to Instagram to reveal that he has gambled $675,000 on Alex Pereira to defeat Jamahal Hill in the main event of the card. Although the rapper is known to make risky bets with lesser odds, this one appears to be a bit more safe. Moreover, while revealing the wager, Drake even made a hilarious reference to founder Edward Craven, saying,

“Betting on this until somebody sets up a cage match between me and Eddie.”


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Predictability is a gambler’s best friend, and the UFC is the complete opposite of that. Yet, Drake continues to remain a fan of the sport and loves making headlines for his massive wagers. At the same time, Joe Rogan has suggested that Hill should not be underestimated, making Drake’s decision appear way more riskier than it initially seemed.

Joe Rogan fancies the chances of Jamahal Hill against Alex Pereira

Pereira will be entering his fight against Hill as the favorite. In fact, some have even criticized this match-up for not being worthy of headlining a landmark card like UFC 300. However, Rogan would beg to differ. In a recent episode of the JRE podcast, he asserted that Hill has proven to be a formidable fighter for anyone in the division and should not be underestimated in his upcoming fight.

“Hill is f*cking dangerous. Watch the fight with Glover he f*cked up Glover and Glover is good. To f*ck him up like that on feet taking away his singles on real quick. People underestimate them for some strange reason and I do not understand it.”

Rogan is right as Hill does possess a style that may pose certain problems to the light-heavyweight champion. However, being a seasoned fighter, Pereira will also have some strategy of his own, making the matchup almost unpredictable at this point.

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Harddit Bedi

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