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“He’s Not Driving Sales”: UFC Veteran Disputes Michael Chandler’s PPV Share in Conor McGregor Match at UFC 303

Kevin Binoy

“He’s Not Driving Sales”: UFC Veteran Disputes Michael Chandler’s PPV Share in Conor McGregor Match at UFC 303

After almost a three-year hiatus from the sport, Conor McGregor will be returning to the octagon in just over two months to fight Michael Chandler. McGregor’s return will have massive implications for the lightweight division. It will also have a massive implication for the UFC from a business standpoint. ‘The Notorious’ is a cash cow for the UFC and has delivered multiple PPVs with over a million buys. But what about Michael Chandler? Does he have the same money-generating capabilities?

Ahead of this upcoming fight, UFC veteran and former champion cast a shadow of doubt over Michael Chandler’s ability to sell the fight, questioning whether or not he should even be receiving PPV points for the upcoming fight. Daniel Cormier recently sat down with Ben Askren to dissect all the latest happenings in the world of MMA. During their conversation, on Cormier’s YouTube channel,  ‘DC’ explained why he does not see Chandler getting PPV points for the upcoming card. He said,

“I don’t know why you would give PPV points to someone who is not going to drive the sales. This is not me hating on Mike, he is not driving the sales on this one. When you fight Conor McGregor, Conor is driving the sales. He is obviously going to be a part of the PPV and get a part of the business. Ultimately, this one feels like it is about McGregor.”

Cormier went on to add that McGregor has controlled the entire narrative from the beginning. The former champion stated that McGregor chose everything from the date to the weight class and everything in between and therefore is in the driving seat of this event. Does this mean McGregor should be entitled to the lion’s share of the profits?

Michael Chandler to get a mega payday against Conor McGregor?

‘Iron’ has been sitting out for almost two years in the prime of his fighting career waiting for Conor McGregor. It is safe to assume that Chandler has been guaranteed a part of the PPV sales or a massive payday much bigger than his previous ones for him to sit out for two years. PPV points are usually only handed out to the champions.


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However, in rare circumstances, it is also handed out to non-title fights that headline a PPV card. In McGregor’s case, he will definitely be getting a huge part of the revenue share. However, for Michael Chandler’s sake, the wait for McGregor hopefully has paid off financially as well.

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