““I hope Herb Dean never referees a fight of mine” – Jorge Masvidal accuses Herb Dean of being biased against him

Swapnil Rajwade
|Published 09/06/2022

UFC star Jorge Masvidal accuses Herb Dean of being biased against him and for making bad decisions inside the octagon. 

Masvidal recently made an appearance on The MMA Hour and spoke about many different things. One of the thing he mentioned is him having differences with Herb Dean. Masvidal said that he isn’t a fan of Herb and has had problems during his career.

Masvidal believes Herb has made some bad decisions inside the octagon during his fights. Masvidal mentioned fights like Donald Cerrone and Jake Ellenberger where he didn’t agree with some of the choices Herb Dean made while he was the referee for that fight.

“We’ve had a couple of problems, and the Donal Cerrone[fight] was one of them, as well,” he said. “Jake Ellenberger as well. I just, I don’t know, I don’t think I’m his cup of tea, and he kind of takes it out [on me] when [he’s] refereeing”. Masvidal via The MMA Hour.

Gamebred mentioned that Colby clearly threw a low blow to him during the fight and Herb didn’t do anything about it. He just gave a soft warning and that was it.

Jorge also stated that it wasn’t as if that was going to change the outcome of the fight but expected better refereeing from Herb. Masvidal also goes ahead and says that he hopes as long as he is competing, Herb doesn’t referee his fights.

Jorge also mentioned that he has an eye injury. I have got more holes in my retina which might require laser surgery is what he stated. Masvidal was very critical of Herb Dean and he accuses Herb for giving many bad decisions inside the octagon.

Masvidal’s future in UFC

Masvidal has lost his last couple of fights in the UFC but still remains one of the top draws for UFC. His last loss was against Colby Covington which went on for five rounds.

He also allegedly sucker punched Colby at some restaurant after the fight. It would be interesting to se where Masvidal goes from here as he has shown interest in fighting Conor McGregor. If that fight happens, MMA fans will have a treat to watch.

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