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“I’ll Be Surprised”: Conor McGregor’s Coach Predicts Short Night for Chandler at UFC 303

Harddit Bedi

Conor McGregor is back in action, but there is a cloud of uncertainty over his upcoming fight against Michael Chandler. ‘The Notorious’ is coming off his biggest lay-off ever, and it is unclear if he can live up to his previous performances. On top of it, this uncertainty becomes even more relevant when one considers McGregor’s gruesome leg injury in his last fight.

Although the odds seem stacked against McGregor, he is pretty confident of besting Chandler. In fact, McGregor’s coach John Kavanaugh also asserted the same. In an interview, Kavanaugh predicted that Chandler will bite the dust within two rounds, saying,

“I will be surprised if it can go two rounds. He just hits too hard, too sharp.”

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With McGregor’s coach assuring The Notorious’ victory, the stakes are now at an all-time high. On top of it, the Irishman himself had a lot to say about his upcoming bout, including a strong warning for his opponent.

Conor McGregor issues a stern warning to Michael Chandler

For McGregor, this is not a regular fight. Rather, it is an opportunity for him to make a statement that ‘The Notorious’  is here to stay. Hence, he won’t be satisfied with anything but a stellar performance.

In an interview, McGregor revealed that he wants to knock his opponent out with the same leg that was injured as it would be an iconic statement. He said,

“I want to see a picture of myself in the octagon with my leg broken, and then I want to see a picture of myself in the octagon with my leg wrapped around my opponent’s neck or head and putting him out, side by side.”

From the looks of it, McGregor is ready to step into the ring, However, only time can reveal if he will be able to live up to his past legacy.

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Harddit Bedi

Harddit Bedi

Harddit Bedi is a UFC writer at The SportsRush. His love for the sport brew after witnessing Conor “Notorious” McGregor redefine limitations by crossing over to face Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and since then he has been obsessed. His love for the world of combat is not confined to the capacity of a spectator but also an athlete in his own right. He has competed in several boxing matches in inter-university tournaments, proving that he lives the life of a Martial Artist. Moreover, he is not confined in that capacity as he amalgamate his love for fighting and writing by becoming a sports journalist. With over 2 and a half years of experience, he has reported over 1500 articles. Safe to say, he is as passionate as one can get about combat sports.

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