“It would be very hard for him to succeed” – Junior dos Santos warns Tyson Fury about making the switch to MMA

Zohan Mistry
|Published 19/04/2022

Junior dos Santos believes Tyson Fury would struggle in mixed martial arts and suggested he came tp Triad Triller instead. 

In a highly anticipated bout, WBC and The Ring heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will meet Dillian Whyte on April 23. He has stated that this will be his final fight, although he has hinted at conducting special fights or even an MMA battle, which Junior dos Santos, a former UFC heavyweight champion, does not believe will go well for him.

“I don’t think he’d do very well in MMA,” – Junior Dos Santos on Tyson Fury in MMA

“It’s hard to say, of course, in boxing he’s great but I don’t think he’d do very well in MMA,” dos Santos said to TheSun Sport. “I challenge him to come to Triad, Triller, to do our style of fighting which is boxing with clinches. That’s something different at what he does. I think that would be better for him.

“Because if he goes straight into MMA he doesn’t have many chances because he doesn’t know any ground game or grappling game so it would be very hard for him to succeed,” dos Santos continued about Fury. “But in Triad he has chances because most part of the fight is boxing. As a boxing fan I admire him and I think he’s a great champion.”

Junior dos Santos is correct in that Tyson Fury would likely excel in the standup and range but suffer in the clinch and on the ground. However, we’ve seen him MMA train with Darren Till, and he’s close friends with Tom Aspinall, as the two have previously trained together, so that he might pick up some tips from the rising heavyweight contender.

Regardless, Fury’s main emphasis is on defending his title against Whyte on Saturday. After his career, he aspires to be undefeated and can be remembered as one of the best heavyweights.

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