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“Izzy Busted”: Israel Adesanya Gets Roped In Hilariously by Fans for Old Dog Incident as Sean Strickland Gets New Pet

Kevin Binoy

“Izzy Busted”: Israel Adesanya Gets Roped In Hilariously by Fans for Old Dog Incident as Sean Strickland Gets New Pet

UFC star Sean Strickland often makes the headlines for his unhinged statements and actions. ‘Tarzan’ usually uses his social media platforms to ridicule other fighters or comment on bizarre worldwide incidents.

Recently, in an unexpected change, Strickland surprised fans by posting a heartwarming picture with his puppy. However, his followers quickly reminded him of the comments he made about Israel Adesanya and called him a hypocrite for doing the same with his dog.

A few hours back, the former middleweight champion took to Instagram to share the latest addition to his family. In an extremely uncharacteristic social media post Strickland showed himself playing tug of war with his new puppy. He even provided a hilarious caption that read,

“Hey babe wanna have a kid?”
“No, get a dog” lmao.

Needless to say, the photo posted by Strickland garnered some interesting reactions from fans. People immediately compared it to the way he ridiculed Israel Adesanya prior to their fight at UFC 293.

One fan addressed the very incident, stating, “Didn’t you clown Izzy about this shit”

Another made fun of Israel Adesanya as he wrote, “Israel is jealous”

Interestingly, the comparisons with Adesanya came hot and fast as a commenter ridiculed Strickland, saying, “Izzy busted just looking at this”

“This reminds me of Izzy”– added another.

Meanwhile, some pointed out Strickland’s hypocritical behaviour saying, “Didn’t u jus diss some guy cuz he loves his dog?”

Likewise, a commenter claimed that this is “the only way the ufc would give you [Strickland] a rematch”

Sean Strickland repeatedly poked fun at Israel Adesanya and his dog in the build-up to UFC 293. However, many believe Adesanya did not deserve to be ridiculed this way.

What did Israel Adesanya do to his dog to be mocked by Sean Strickland?

In one of the videos posted on his social media channels, Israel Adesanya was seen cuddling with his dog on a sofa. Although the clip seemed innocent at first, what happened next was widely condemned by the MMA community. Adesanya proceeded to lower his hand and fondle the genitals of his pet dog.

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While Adesanya might have done so as a joke, it did not sit well with people on social media. At the same time, Sean Strickland took this opportunity to mock Adesanya publicly right before UFC 293. These insults even got under Adesanya’s skin to the point where he outright asked Strickland to stop talking about his dead dog. However, to this day, fans are torn on whether ‘The Last Stylebender’ deserved to face such insults.

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