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Joe Rogan Faces ‘Quick KO’ Threat From Ryan Garcia Over JRE Show Appearance

Souvik Roy

Joe Rogan Faces ‘Quick KO’ Threat From Ryan Garcia Over JRE Show Appearance

Joe Rogan may have been training in martial arts for decades now, but that didn’t stop Ryan Garcia from predicting a “quick KO” victory over him if they ever locked horns. Lately, the 56-year-old uploaded a striking training video to his Instagram, which garnered this threatening comment from ‘KingRy.’ However, the 25-year-old also came up with an offer for Rogan that could save him from getting battered.

Well, Rogan may not have taken up martial arts professionally, but the caption to his post detailed that he was getting back to training after almost a year. On top of it, his expertise in the sport becomes even more evident when one takes into account how the UFC icon, Georges St-Pierre, consulted him to learn the technique of his devastating kicks.


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Even after threatening Rogan, ‘KingRy’ couldn’t help appreciating his kicks in the video. Besides, the 25-year-old even came up with a sneaky request to get on Joe Rogan’s podcast, saying,

“I would KO you so quick. But nice kicks, fam. I’ll have mercy if you let me on the show.”

Rogan has never been in a professional in-ring showdown to date. Hence, it would be safe to deduce that he will probably choose the second option and invite Garcia to an episode of his coveted podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience‘. After all, there’s almost a 30-year age gap between the two.

Still, a look at the current combat sports encounters indicates that the ‘JRE’ host could’ve accepted Garcia’s challenge if he was a professional.

Joe Rogan could have taken Mike Tyson’s path if he was a retired professional in martial arts

Most professional fighters opt to declare their retirement way before reaching Rogan’s age of 56. Hence, it is quite apparent that the ‘JRE’ host also would’ve followed the same path if he were a professional. This is exactly why the boxing community was shocked when the legendary Mike Tyson decided to come out of retirement and accept a professional fight at 57.

Even more shockingly, ‘Kid Dynamite’ is set to fight Jake Paul, who is 30 years younger than him and will arguably have an advantage in the ring.

However, what if we put Rogan in Tyson’s place and swap Paul with Garcia? The age gap between the two is almost identical to the difference between Tyson’s and Paul’s ages. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that Rogan could’ve challenged Garcia about materializing his threat if he was a retired professional like Tyson.

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