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“Just Cuddled Up”: Jeremy Stephens Shares Backstory of His Infamous Picture With Conor McGregor’s Mother

Kishore R

“Just Cuddled Up”: Jeremy Stephens Shares Backstory of His Infamous Picture With Conor McGregor’s Mother

In 2016, the most charismatic fighter in the UFC, Conor McGregor gave the fandom one of his iconic one-liners – “Who the fo**k is that guy?” when he belittled veteran Jeremy Stephens.

However, when the Irishman pulled the same card later in his career to shame Stephens, the American was ready with a stiff jab, sharing a picture with ‘The Notorious” mother!

This incident shook up the MMA community and Stephens finally tasted revenge seven years after McGregor drew first blood. Now with the American veteran dropping down to the Jaxxon podcast, he revealed the backstory behind the infamous “YourMomKnowsWhoDaFo*k” post

“I took a picture with them and his mom naturally, just cuddled up, right there in the f**king winning arms. And I knew what this was like, oh my god and I can’t wait and there she was boom. That was the night and it was nothing but respect after that.” 


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Reminiscing those days, Stephens went down memory lane and explained how he met McGregor‘s parent at the MGM Hotel. As ‘Lil Heathen’ himself revealed, the incident happened after he flatlined Denis Bermudez in 2015, the same night McGregor stopped Chad Mendes.

Stephens was then cheered and lauded by Irish fans who later introduced him to Margaret McGregor and Tony McGregor. Subsequently, the veteran fighter took a snap with McGregor’s mother cuddled up close beside him after congratulating him on the win.

However, despite their rivalry, Stephen could not stop himself from praising McGregor for making the UFC what it is today.

Stephens lauds “good dude” Conor McGregor and Irish fans

Despite, the obvious differences between them, Stephens admires McGregor. Deep down, he feels like the Irishman is a “good dude” and ‘The Notorious’ side is one just to sell off TV promos and get eyeballs into the game.

He also gave props to the Irish fans including McGregor’s parents who greeted and congratulated him after his win against Bermudez. As of now, Stephens has parted ways with the UFC and made his PFL debut in 2022, he also met his former rival, Jose Aldo which ended up being a majority draw.

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