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Michael Chandler Speculates UFC 303 Could Be Conor McGregor’s Last Fight, Urges Fans to Buy PPV

Allan Binoy

Michael Chandler Speculates UFC 303 Could Be Conor McGregor's Last Fight, Urges Fans to Buy PPV

Michael Chandler wants to be the one to send Conor McGregor into retirement. Chandler had to wait almost a year before the UFC greenlit his fight against ‘The Notorious,’ but he now has his well-earned payday.

Surprisingly, even though McGregor is a formidable opponent for most, Michael Chandler is more than confident of his chances at UFC 303. He even urged fans to buy the PPV and dropped a hint that the Irishman might retire after this fight.

The first time Chandler faced McGregor was in The Ultimate Fighter season 31. The two top talents even sought to fight each other after the filming of the show, but things did not fall into place.

Nevertheless, Dana White has now given fans what they asked for since McGregor is all set to face Chandler at UFC 303. In the build-up to the fight, the American talked about his chances of winning in an interview with Ariel Helwani, saying,

“So we’ll see where he stacks up and it could be the last time we ever see him. So people have to buy the Pay-Per-View because it could be the last time you see Conor.”

At first glance, McGregor appears to have a natural advantage in the fight since it will fall into the 170-pound bracket. However, Chandler is no slouch and will surely have appropriate preparations in place.

In fact, ‘Iron’ has so much faith in the face-off that he believes that they will be able to break the UFC 229 PPV record for most buys.

Michael Chandler believes his fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 303 will break PPV records

A fight against Conor McGregor all but confirms a massive payday as the the Irishman is a huge PPV draw. On top of it, he will be returning to the ring after almost three years, making his appearance at UFC 303 all the more exciting.

In the same interview with Ariel Helwani, Chandler spoke about breaking PPV records:

“We want to break that Khabib Number right the 2.4 (million)….This one, Conor’s comeback, one of the most violent guys in the sport….I’ll fight in Ireland tomorrow

Shockingly, Chandler claimed that he would do anything including dighting on McGregor’s home ground (Ireland) to break all PPV records. He also insisted that in the next 73 days, they would do their best to build up the fight as much as possible.

Yet, only time can tell if Chandler and McGregor can beat the UFC 229 PPV record.

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