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“Millionaire Outside UFC”: Arman Tsarukyan’s Rolls Royce Workout Leaves Nina Marie Daniele and Fans in Awe of His Wealth

Allan Binoy

“Millionaire Outside UFC”: Arman Tsarukyan’s Rolls Royce Workout Leaves Nina Marie Daniele and Fans in Awe of His Wealth

Arman Tsarukyan’s unique training methods have been catching the eye of the fans. The number 1 contender in the lightweight division is enjoying some time off, but his latest training session has Nina Marie-Daniele stunned. Why? Because Tsarukyan’s loaded and he isn’t shy to flaunt it.

In his latest training video, he used a Rolls Royce as a prop to help him train and Nina Marie Daniele could not believe what she was seeing as she commented,

“I feel poor”

One fan was left wondering if the UFC lightweight fighter was a millionaire outside the UFC,

“Bros a millionaire outside of the ufc”

Another fan is manifesting a world title for him soon as he said Tsarukyan should recreate the scene with a belt,

“You should do the same, but with a belt on the hood”

One fan poked fun at Arman Tsarukyan claiming the car was a rental. Probably not going to say it to his face though.

“Take this down before the rental company sees it”

One user could not believe this level of flexing. Using a Rolls Royce’s logo as a hinge for resistance bands is a very risky flex,

“New level of flexing”

Now, the flex is fine, Arman Tsarukyan is training for his next title shot. Right now, he may not be ahead of the rest of the line but he’s quickly moving ahead.

However, his coach does not believe he is ready for a title fight yet. He claims the current champion Islam Makhachev is on a different level Tsarukyan will need to train to not just fight but win against the Dagestani.

Arman Tsarukyan is not ready to fight Islam Makhachev according to his coach

Arman Tsarukyan has done everything in his power to get the title shot next. He is the number one contender in the division and there is also some history between him and Islam Makhachev. So the fight is right there to book.

However, in a recent exclusive interview with Yuka MMA, Tsarukyan’s coach, Sergei Maksimovich spoke about the potential rematch against Makhachev saying,

“I believe that Arman doesn’t need to fight with Makhachev. Now he needs to train in order to not just fight with Makhachev but in order to win against Makhachev.”

Although his coach does not seem very confident in his fighter’s ability to beat the champion right now, it could also be a way of pushing Arman Tsarukyan harder. Arman had given Islam the toughest fight of his career when they fought the first time but the lightweight champion managed to find a way to win.

Sergei Maksimovich obviously doesn’t want a repeat of that. Because ‘almost’ doesn’t have a title belt. So of course, Arman needs to do whatever he does and do it better when he faces Islam because while the Dagestani is a funny man, he will do just about anything to defend his title.

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