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Sean O’Malley Warns ‘Sean Strickland Needs to Be in Fight Camp or He’ll Murder Somebody’

Souvik Roy

Sean O’Malley Warns ‘Sean Strickland Needs to Be in Fight Camp or He’ll Murder Somebody’

The easily irritable nature of Sean Strickland might turn him into a murderer. Well, this is what Sean O’Malley had to say about the former UFC middleweight champ in the latest episode of his YouTube podcast, ‘TimboSugarShow’.

The current UFC bantamweight champ and his coach Tim Welch were answering fan questions during the episode while ‘Sugar’ mentioned how Strickland could murder some “innocent civilian” if he didn’t vent out his inner rage.

Strickland has tried portraying himself as an embodiment of an ‘alpha male’ on multiple occasions. He doesn’t mind firing shots at anyone he doesn’t like, irrespective of the consequences.

This is why he chooses to vent his rage out in his training camps, where he never takes any half-measures. ‘Tarzan’ is known for his insanely hard style of sparring.

Meanwhile, O’Malley has said that Strickland’s social media shots could turn into real gunshots if he stays out of fight camp for too long.

Sean Strickland is a ticking time bomb. He’s going to murder somebody, he’s gonna shoot somebody, he’s gonna beat a poor innocent civilian if he’s not in fight camp. He needs to be in a fight camp.”

Well, a look at Strickland’s ‘X’ account reveals that he is frustrated about several issues of the modern world, most of which aren’t his problem like gay people just existing in their own lanes, unbothered and moisturized.

And given ‘Tarzan’s affinity towards shooting and fighting, O’Malley’s opinion can’t be ruled out.

Strickland almost actualized ‘Sugar’s’ prediction a few months ago

Sean Strickland held a trespasser at gunpoint and beat him up

Well, the person that Strickland beat up was far from being an innocent one, unlike O’Malley predicted. An Instagram post from Strickland detailed how the person he beat up was a rowdy trespasser who tried entering his property.

The caption to Strickland’s post disclosed that the trespasser had previously assaulted a lady and broken road safety rules before entering his property.

The video accompanying it revealed how he had also held the offender at gunpoint before the cops arrived to arrest him.

O’Malley may fear that Strickland would turn into a murderer without his training camp and with good reason but until then, we will just be happy to see the man getting over the loss of his dog.

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Souvik Roy

Souvik Roy


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