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Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo, Margot Robbie, Mike Tyson & More, Ex-UFC Star Francis Ngannou Advised to Undergo Special Healing Technique by Joe Rogan

Himakshu Vyas

Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo, Margot Robbie, Mike Tyson & More, Ex-UFC Star Francis Ngannou Advised to Undergo Special Healing Technique by Joe Rogan

The former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou endured a severe knee injury during his fight camp in preparation for UFC 270 in January 2020. ‘The Predator’ had suffered a complete MCL tear and damaged the ACL of his right knee. This setback sidelined him since his victory over Ciryl Gane. However, he is now set to make his boxing debut, which will fetch him the biggest payday of his career. Before the fight, he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show. During the conversation, the UFC commentator Joe Rogan recommended a treatment previously sought after by numerous celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Margot Robbie, and Mike Tyson.

Francis Ngannou is set to face off against one of the greatest heavyweight fighters in history, Tyson Fury, on October 28th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This marks Ngannou’s return to the fight scene following an extended absence due to a knee injury and contractual disputes with the UFC. The fans will be excited to witness how Ngannou has recuperated from his injury and whether it will have any impact on his performance.

Francis Ngannou advised to undergo special treatment

‘The Predator’ made a guest appearance on the JRE MMA Show episode #146 alongside Joe Rogan, where he engaged in a conversation covering a range of topics. They discussed about his UFC contract negotiations, his upcoming boxing debut, and a recent knee injury.

Rogan asked about Ngannou’s knee and whether he had undergone stem cell treatment. The 56-year-old was talking about Stem Cell Therapy, a medical procedure that remains a developing field with ongoing research. It is a medical procedure that utilizes stem cells to help the body heal and regenerate damaged tissues or organs. Rogan said:

“There’s a company in Austin, Ways2Well that I wanted to hook you up with…”

Ngannou was aware of the procedure and was open to trying it out. He revealed how he hadn’t been able to clear the exam for the test to which Rogan replied:

I can take care of that [Exam] too. You should do that, it will help, for sure. It’ll help you. It definitely will.

The Stem Cell treatment process involves several steps, including conditioning treatment, stem cell infusion, engraftment, post-transplant care, and recovery. Unfortunately, Ngannou was departing from the city immediately after the podcast. Thus, there wasn’t enough time to complete the procedure.

Furthermore, the French-Cameroonian’s new boxing coach, Mike Tyson, has also undergone stem cell treatment a couple of years ago. He shared his experience and how he felt following the procedure.

Mike Tyson opens up about his stem cell therapy

Before his 2020 comeback against Roy Jones Jr., Mike Tyson openly acknowledged undergoing stem cell therapy. He accredited the special healing technique with a transformative impact on him.

As per a report from International Business Times, ‘Iron’ Mike felt like a different person after the treatment. He said:

I had stem cell therapy. I feel like a different person but I can’t comprehend why I feel this way. It’s really wild what scientists can do.

Soccer Legend Cristiano Ronaldo has also used stem cell treatment by harvesting stem cells from his own bone marrow and injecting them into his hamstrings. Furthermore, as per a report from Stemlife Clinic, Australian actress Margot Robbie used anti-aging stem cell therapies.

Mike Tyson, along with other celebrities like Rafael Nadal, Michael Schumacher, and Kobe Bryant experienced the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy. By the looks of it, Ngannou is also open to exploring this option. However, the impact it will have on the heavyweight’s performance inside the ring remains to be seen.

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