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“That’s F*cking Scary”: Sean O’Malley Speaks Out on Ryan Garcia’s Arrest and His Recent Condition

Allan Binoy

“That’s F*cking Scary”: Sean O’Malley Speaks Out on Ryan Garcia’s Arrest and His Recent Condition

Ryan Garcia is going through hell right now and Sean O’Malley can’t help but sympathize with him. The Beverly Hills police arrested Garcia recently for felony vandalism in a hotel in the area and now ‘Suga’ truly believes that the boxer needs help.

The young boxer seems to be going through a bad phase in life right now following his mother’s cancer diagnosis. He revealed that he would be taking a break from his shows around the country so he could spend time with his family. However, he can’t seem to stop getting into trouble.

Which is why, in a recent podcast episode on YouTube, Sean O’Malley spoke about Garcia not doing so well and having issues.

“He’s got issues. Did you see him talking about his mom has cancer and then if she dies he’s gonna kill himself type s*it, did you see that? That’s f*cking scary…He’s not doing good.”

Sean O’Malley sounded concerned for Ryan Garcia, as were his fans on social media. He is a talented young boxer with a long career ahead of him. However, it seems things outside the ring are affecting his career and playing a detrimental role.

He has also tested positive for PEDs for the Devin Haney fight that he won. This has led to many combat sports athletes calling for a ban on the boxer, which to be honest, is a very real possibility. O’Malley of course, knows a little something about that.

‘But right now, that’s not on his mind. O’Malley is more focused on the Logan Paul vs. Bradley Martyn sparring session right now.

Sean O’Malley on who won the Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn feud

Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn recently settled their difference with a sparring session. The pair sparred at Martyn’s gym Zoo Culture in Los Angeles according to a video uploaded by Mike Majlak on X.

Sean O’Malley watched the footage and spoke about who he thinks won the spar based on their energy,

“Just from the energies and the moment you can kinda tell Logan won. I talked to Mike, I don’t wanna spill too much juice…It was probably a little quicker.”

O’Malley then revealed that the sparring exchange supposedly lasted only 60 seconds. He also spoke to Bradley Martyn who stated that it was tiring.

Although there is still speculation as to whether they really sparred, O’Malley believes Paul won the spar based on his energy from the video. Martyn, meanwhile is yet to challenge another professional combat sports athlete since then.

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