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‘True Person’ Khabib Nurmagomedov’s $600 Worth Gesture Revealed by UFC Fighter Friend Reflects Loyalty and Love for Teammates

Souvik Roy

‘True Person’ Khabib Nurmagomedov’s $600 Worth Gesture Revealed by UFC Fighter Friend Reflects Loyalty and Love for Teammates

Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov is “rich guy”, as Islam Makhachev had put it so eloquently a few years ago. But while most people change colors in the presence of Ben Franklin, Khabib continues to remain big-hearted and humble. Welterweight title contender Belal Muhammad is a testament to the same.

‘BullyB’s’ words at a recent episode of the ‘Money Loyalty Legacy’ podcast disclosed that Khabib doesn’t mind going the extra mile to comfort his teammates.

Despite being close allies, Belal only decided to join Khabib’s camp in 2022. But ‘The Eagle’s’ $600 gift and the warm reception for ‘BullyB’ indicated that he treats him just like his other teammates.  The incident took place when Belal was called to California by Khabib’s cousin brother, Abubakar Nurmagomedov, to train for his UFC Vegas 74 fight.

Initially, ‘The Eagle’ booked a hotel room for Belal at his expense. ‘BullyB’ also appreciated how other ‘Team Khabib’ members helped him with groceries for his stay.

However, he was taken aback when ‘The Eagle’ presented him with a $600 pair of shoes as a gift to help his cousin-brother with his training. ‘BullyB’ also appreciated the fact that even after all this, Khabib has never asked for anything back.

“My ankle was hurt and he’s [Khabib] like, ‘Oh no brother. If you’re hurt you don’t have to come’. It was not like, ‘I got you a room and you owe me this here’. That’s what I love about it because he’s a true person”

This generosity is also one of the reasons behind Belal reverting to train in Khabib’s camp before most of his fights.

‘BullyB’ had already been training with ‘The Eagle’ since the beginning of this year in anticipation of a title shot. But now that it has been confirmed, his experience of training in Dagestan might come in handy.

Will Belal Muhammad reap the benefits of training with Khabib at UFC 304?

The current UFC welterweight champion and Belal’s UFC 304 rival, Leon Edwards, is one of the most efficient strikers on the UFC roster. It won’t be wrong to predict that ‘Rocky’ will piece Belal up as long as the fight stays on the feet. This is where Khabib’s teachings might prove to be pivotal for ‘Bully’B’.

Despite being a superb striker, Edwards’ ground game has several holes. Kamaru Usman had managed to exploit those and dominated Edwards for the first four rounds of their UFC 278 fight before being KOed.

But Belal might gain a major advantage over Edwards if he manages to apply Khabib’s mantras and take the fight to the ground whenever he can.

But the way Edwards defended Colby Covington’s takedowns in his last fight proved that the Brit was more than equipped to deal with grappling. That said, Belal is a better grappler than Colby and is not nearing the end of his career unlike ‘Chaos’.

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Souvik Roy


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