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UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman Shares Story of Hug That Nearly Sent Joe Rogan Flying

Allan Binoy

UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman Shares Story of Hug That Nearly Sent Joe Rogan Flying

Mark Coleman shares a warm friendship with Joe Rogan, which has been made evident through their wholesome interactions. Recently, their relationship made the headlines again as an old video of them play-wrestling went viral on social media. Towards the end of the video, Coleman heaves Rogan away from him with a push, almost sending him flying into a wall. While this might be interpreted as a rough move, Coleman decided to come clean during his appearance on the Jaxxon Podcast.

Although Coleman was already quite popular because of his incredible UFC career, he became a fan-favorite especially after he showed his heroism by rescuing his parents from a burning house in March of 2024. This even led to him presenting the BMF title to Max Holloway at UFC 300.

Recently,  the 59-year-old appeared on the Jaxxon Podcast hosted by Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Bear Degidio. In a clip posted to Instagram, Mark Coleman spoke about the Joe Rogan incident while on the podcast, saying,

“Booze man, It was after one of Joe’s shows…When we hugged it turned into a little wrestle thing…I was clearing some space, he was off balance as well so I chucked him into the wall, thank god he wasn’t hurt.”


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Mark Coleman chose to stick to the truth and revealed that he was intoxicated when he met Joe Rogan. He also claims he felt bad for pushing him so hard. According to Coleman, the UFC commentator did not expect him to be so strong, which supposedly threw him off when they were play-wrestling.

Nevertheless, the pair are still good friends and the incident did not affect them in any way. In fact, Mark Coleman is even set to appear on The Joe Rogan Experience soon.

Mark Coleman reveals he will appear on The Joe Rogan Experience soon

Fans of The Joe Rogan Experience as requested for Mark Coleman to be invited as a guest, for ages. Well, the wait might not be long anymore as in the same clip posted by Bear Digidio on Instagram, Coleman revealed that he will be appearing on the podcast soon,

“We good, I’m about to go on Rogan’s show one of these days here pretty soon. That’d be fun.”

Joe Rogan and Mark Coleman have been friends for years now, so it must have been quite easy to get the 59-year-old to say yes to the show.

Interestingly, one of the main reasons people want Coleman on as a guest is just so they can hear the story of how he saved his parents by rushing into a burning house. Hence, Coleman appearing on the show would just make every UFC fan’s year.

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