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“I’m going to hurt Bruce Lee” – UFC Welterweight Mickey Gall believes he could beat Bruce Lee in a fight

Adeep Sri Narayana
|Tue Apr 12 2022

Mickey Gall was able to turn most of the internet against him when he said he could beat Bruce Lee in a fight.



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The UFC welterweight has made an exciting point and received many mixed reactions on social media.

Mickey Gall was in the latest podcast and the clip appeared on social media. The UFC fighter basically explained that he could beat Bruce Lee in his debut. The internet was not happy with his comment.

“First, I’m going to get Bruce Lee out,” Mickey Gall told the MGGM podcast. “I’m going to hurt Bruce Lee. When he grows up. Come on man. Friend, yes, exactly – 100 percent. I’m fighting in the UFC now. Where did Bruce Lee fight? In the movies (make a noise with his mouth). Come on.”

There were a lot of strange things about the sound bites as many quickly reminded Mickey Gall that they would hit someone dead. The UFC fighter apparently wasn’t talking about fighting the cadaver but the point is still there.

MMA became a game through debates about which karate was the best fight. The UFC has put many different military artists against each other early on with the Brazilian jiu-jitsu famous for coming out on top when no one had a response to the ground game.

Bruce Lee is a legend and the comment was not well received by the masses as they seemed to be disrespectful to many. Mickey Gall has a promising career in the UFC and is best known for taking former WWE star CM Punk in their first UFC match.

Bruce Lee Background


Bruce left Hong Kong at the age of 18, came to the United States and moved to Seattle, Washington, where he worked in a family restaurant. He soon enrolled in the University of Washington where he is pursuing a degree in philosophy.

Bruce began teaching gung fu in Seattle and soon opened his own school, the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute. Two more schools followed in Oakland and Los Angeles. At the same time, Bruce married his wife, Linda, and they had two children, Brandon and Shannon.

In the mid-60s, Bruce was discovered while performing in Long Beach Internationals and his role as Kato in the television series The Green Hornet soon followed. During this time, Bruce was also developing his martial arts, which he eventually named Jeet Kune Do.

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