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UFC Star Charles Oliveira Eyes Legacy-Building BMF Fight Against Max Holloway: “Fought Many Years Ago”

Kevin Binoy

UFC Star Charles Oliveira Eyes Legacy-Building BMF Fight Against Max Holloway: “Fought Many Years Ago”

Max Holloway proved why he was a ‘Bad Mother F***er’ when he called reigning BMF champion Justin Gaethje to the middle of the octagon and clocked him cold with a second left in the fight. But as it happens with championship wins, you get a bounty on your head and in Max’s case, Charles Oliveria wants to collect it.

Oliviera recently spoke about a potential matchup with Max Holloway for the BMF belt. In an interview with ‘AG Fight’ he shared his thoughts on why he would like a title shot.

“Absolutely, that one, about the legacy, about everything I’ve been talking about. Why not? Win a belt, a guy that I fought many years ago. Where I had an injury during the fight so why not?”

Holloway and Oliveira previously fought in August 2015 as the headliners of a Fight Night card. The fight ended in the first round itself as Oliveira sustained an injury during the fight.

And now, Oliveira wants to finish that fight, owing it to his legacy.

However, at this point in time, the UFC has other plans for Max Holloway. In all likelihood, Holloway will take on Ilia Topuria for the featherweight belt later this year.

But a potential fight between Holloway and Oliveira for the BMF belt would be the stuff of dreams for UFC fans. A Daredevil vs Punisher fight, years in the making; this is the stuff they make Netflix shows about.

A closer look at a potential BMF fight between Oliveira and Holloway

Max Holloway and Charles Oliveira are two of the most exciting fighters in their respective divisions. In addition to this, both Holloway and Oliveira are two of the deadliest finishers in the UFC. This is pure chaos in the making.

Both men are similar when it comes to height. However, Oliveira, with those long hands, has a crucial five-inch reach advantage over Holloway which will play a key role if the two men should ever step into an octagon again.

Now, ‘Blessed’ is a volume puncher and is known to inflict more damage as the fight goes on and still never get slept, no matter how much punishment he takes.

And Oliveria… Well, Oliveira since his resurgence could tap Superman out after being pummeled through the city of Metropolis in the first round.

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To simplify that, ‘Da Bronx’ is known for being on the receiving end of some serious damage in almost every fight he takes part in and somehow still wins.

So, while it might not happen immediately, Holloway vs Oliveira is a fight the UFC must definitely look at booking in the near future.

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