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UFC Star Conor McGregor Offers Unreserved Thoughts on Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate: ‘They’re good, they’re okay in my book. Top G’

Allan Binoy

UFC Star Conor McGregor Offers Unreserved Thoughts on Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate: 'They're good, they're okay in my book. Top G'

Conor McGregor has started live streaming much to the delight of his fans, and it did not take long for his first stream to go viral. Several clips from his stream were shared on social media, which showed the Irishman gambling online while answering fan questions. Interestingly, for much of his stream, McGregor just kept berating the likes of Kamaru Usman, Leon Edwards, and Ilia Topuria, though he did have nice things to say about the Tate brothers.

It is commonly known that ‘Mystic Mac’ has no filter and is always ready to speak his mind. In fact, the 35-year-old does not even care what others might think of his opinions. Hence, when a viewer on his stream asked for his take on the controversial Tate Brothers, McGregor didn’t even hesitate before saying,

“I like Andrew [Tate]… from what I see and hear….what he says and how they carry themselves. They’re good, they’re okay in my book. Top G.”

The UFC star also went on to say that although he does not know what criminal charges the Tate brothers have against them, the whole situation does seem very vague. Thus, from the looks of it, McGregor backs both Andrew and Tristan Tate completely, and a collaboration between all three would definitely break the internet.

Nevertheless, at the same time, ‘Mystic Mac’ wasn’t so kind to Ilia Topuria, as he roasted the current UFC Featherweight Champion on his stream.

Conor McGregor shows no mercy while roasting ‘Non-Champion’ Ilia Topuria on stream

Safe to say Conor McGregor is not a fan of Ilia Topuria, as he brutally roasted the Spanish fighter in the same live stream. A fan asked ‘The Notorious’ what he thought of Topuria, and in a clip posted by Championship Rounds on X, he had this to say,

“F*ck him too…Topuria for me is a non-champion in my opinion. He might have a strap but it’s a meaningless strap in my opinion as he holds it I don’t see any attraction to it.”

Conor McGregor wanted smoke from everybody in his livestream. Naturally, fans are excited to see this version of the Irishman again after a long time. They believe the ‘Mystic Mac’ that took over the UFC a few years back, is now back in full flow and it will translate inside the octagon as well.

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