Video Shows Mike Perry Engaged in an Altercation

Prateek Arya
|Published 09/07/2020

Mike Perry has engaged in an altercation in a restaurant. The Welterweight punched an old person, following an argument.

Mike Perry has found himself in an out of ring trouble, after a video published by MMA Junkie surfaced on the internet. In the Video Platinum Perry can be seen first quarreling with some persons, which got so intensified that later Perry threw a punch at a much older person. Also, In the video Mike Perry’s girlfriend Latory Gonzalez, and some bystanders can be spotted, trying to calm the UFC fighter down.

Here’s the full video of 1 minute, 43-second in two-parts.


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Video shows UFC’s Mike Perry punching older man in restaurant altercation • 🔗 FULL STORY IN BIO

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Immediate Reactions After the Altercation

The matter that elevated the fight, and who made the first move is still unknown, as both parties were quite vocal. However, the fighter who has been receiving attention from all round ever since he has defeated Micky Gall at the UFC fight night, became a bearer of criticism immediately after this episode got into the knowledge of public.



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After the incident ‘Platinum’ himself went on twitter and posted this,

These were some of the the immediate reactions of the altercation that took place in a restaurant.




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