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“Worse Than Drake”: Israel Adesanya Faces Fan Ridicule Over $20,000 Loss on Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia Bet

Kishore R

“Worse Than Drake”: Israel Adesanya Faces Fan Ridicule Over $20,000 Loss on Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia Bet

MMA stars, boxing aficionados, and millions of fans around the world were stunned after Ryan Garcia dragged Devin Haney into the mud, ending his unbeaten run. Unfortunately, the day wasn’t so good for Israel Adesanya who lost a massive bet and was brutally trolled online.

Adesanya had bet $20,000 on Devin Haney, but he lost it all after the 25-year-old California native walked down the WBC Super Lightweight champion to a crushing defeat in Saturday’s super-fight. While Drake lost a hefty $615,000 after he staked on Ngannou to thrash Anthony Joshua at the “Knockout Chaos” bout, Adesanya lost a five-digit figure and got brutally trolled in the Twitter-sphere with fans deeming Adesanya’s curse worse than Drake’s.

With the UFC star losing an opportunity to bag $40,500 courtesy of Garcia’s strong showing, fans jumped the “Stylebender’s” post and made a mockery out of him. One user retweeted Adesanya’s original post, writing,

“Yall gotta stop bettin on ya friends lol.” 

While another fan roasted the MMA star, indirectly referring to his career, getting dethroned by DDP.

“life’s currently sucks for Izzy.” 

In fact, fans were brutal in roasting the Kiwi. Taking into consideration how he bet on Haney to KO Garcia, another netizen shared,

“Just bet opposite of the betbender.” 

Whereas another fan just stated the obvious loss,

“20k down the drain.” 

While a fan urged to never let Izzy touch dice again, others were merciless in dragging the 34-year-old through the mud just like Garcia did to Haney.

Considering the height of the fall, others argued that Adesanya’s curse had eclipsed Drake’s,

“Israel Adesanya just lost $20k He’s now engulfed by the Drake’s curse.”

With so many fans bringing up the Drake curse, let us go back to the story of how the “Drake curse” has earned its infamous reputation.

The infamous “Drake curse” and its unfortunate victims

Ever since history, superstition has been evident in various parts of life. In the fight business, it has been a thing at least from a fan’s perspective. Be it the famous talk show host’s curse where Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, and Michael Bisping all fell victim to the stereotype after they appeared on the late-night show with Connor O’Brien or the infamous Drake’s curse, fight fans have always been a little superstitious.

Drake earned his frightening reputation long before the Joshua – Ngannou fight. In fact, it was after posing with the rapper that Joshua earned his professional boxing career defeat against Mexican heavyweight, Andy Ruiz Jr. Ruiz Jr was the underdog here and absolutely nobody gave the chubby Mexican a chance. But as fate would have it, Ruiz Jr thumped the champion in what would later become one of the biggest upsets in boxing history.

Likewise, when Drake dropped a hefty $615,000 purse on Ngannou, fans were sort of expecting what was coming for the former UFC heavyweight champion. While Joshua humbled the UFC champ, Drake lost the six-figure purse and a possible 1.9million payout.

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