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“You are Just Talker”: Bobby Green Calls Out Conor McGregor’s Training Partner for Clout Chasing Ahead of UFC 304

Kishore R

“You are Just Talker”: Bobby Green Calls Out Conor McGregor's Training Partner for Clout Chasing Ahead of UFC 304

It looks like Dillon Danis is back again ‘smoking and joking’, poking everybody trying to get himself into a fight. Surprisingly, UFC lightweight contender and southpaw Bobby Green is also on the list! And Green isn’t too impressed with Danis, channeling his inner Sandor ‘The Hound’ Cleagane and calling Danis “just a talker“.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour podcast, the 37-year-old ripped into Danis, calling him out, slamming him unapologetically, deeming that he wasn’t a ‘real fighter’.

He’s been hopping in my DMs and trying to talk shit and trying to get me to promote to fight this guy, like, I’m Dilly, I don’t know where you even think we’re on the same level. I’m a full-fledged killer, you’re just a talker. You ain’t even really fought nobody real.”

Robed up, smoking a blunt in his usual manner, Green bashed Danis, exposing him, essentially saying that he is in his DMs trying to get a fight, chasing fame and money. The southpaw even mentioned the Logan Paul fight and noted that it was the most “terrible” way to represent his craft, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Then he mentioned Danis’ beef with supposed ex-partner Paige VanZant and opined that Danis is just after “clout” and is not even a real fighter. But is there some truth to this statement?

Well, Bobby Green got in the ring with absolute killers like Islam Makahchev in his division while Danis was chasing fights with YouTubers by sl*t shaming their fiancés and getting sued for it.

Dillon Danis got into trouble after he sl*t shamed Nina Agdal

If you are a newbie fan who has discovered the sport…

…Even then you know every time you hear the name, Dillon Danis, you end up asking, ‘What now?’.

The former Bellator fighter had notoriously gotten into trouble after sharing intimate pictures and videos of Paul’s supermodel partner, Nina Adgal ahead of their fight. He had even gone on to share some very disgusting things about her previous relationships.

At some point, Agdal had had enough of him and slapped back taking Danis to the court.

However, Danis did not stop there, in fact, he doubled down and continued his awful strategy. Agdal even filed a complaint to have a restraining order demanding prison time for the fighter.

While that court battle is still on, Danis doesn’t seem to have learned much of a lesson from the whole situation.

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Kishore R

Kishore R


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