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Valorant Americas Match-Up: KRU Esports vs. Sentinels; Predictions, Rosters and Where to Watch

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Valorant Americas Match-Up: KRU Esports vs. Sentinels; Predictions, Rosters and Where to Watch

Valorant Americas is in its final weeks as KRU takes on the Sentinels. Sentinels recently made some changes to their roster, bringing TenZ back into the fray and removing dephh.

Sentinels have been under constant clout and fire from every social media. The team is dealing with SEN SicK’s behavior and there is also the question of making playoffs for the tournament. However, they have had success in dealing with neither. However, this week might be a little redeemable for the team since they are facing KRU Esports.

While the team has not had a good time with KRU, they might win this match. However, since dephh has been removed from the team, there might be a redeeming factor. Sacy might take over as the IGL while TenZ returns from his injury.

Let us see if Sentinels can fair against KRU while being under fire from fans and haters alike.


  • Can the Sentinels Valorant Squad Withstand KRU while Being Under the Eyes of the World?
  • Predictions
  • Rosters
  • Where to Watch

Can the Sentinels Valorant Squad Withstand KRU while Being Under the Eyes of the World?

The Sentinels have had a really underwhelming performance in the tournament so far. They have lost most of their matches and have had poor strategy executions. The only team who has performed worse than them is KRU who has lost all of their matches.

Sentinels so far have won two out of the seven matches they have played while KRU has won none of them. This will be both teams’ eight matches and both of them are fighting for different reasons. Sentinels are fighting to somehow make playoffs while KRU is looking to retain some of their respect by beating Sentinels.


In that subject, history has been kind to KRU since they were the ones to eliminate Sentinels from Champions 2021 so the bragging rights belong to KRU heading into the match. That being said, we still think Sentinels will win this match-up due to TenZ’s return to the roster. While we don’t want to say dephh was the problem, his calling might have been.


Let us look at both of the rosters for these teams.

KRU Esports

  • DaveeyS
  • Keznitdeus
  • NagZ
  • Klaus
  • Melser


  • TenZ
  • Marved
  • Sacy
  • pANcada
  • zekken

All eyes will be on TenZ and zekken’s fragging while Keznitdeus and NagZ try to hold it down for their team. Let us see where you can watch the match.

Where to Watch

You can tune into the Valorant Americas Twitch or YouTube channel to catch the live broadcast for this match. The match starts on Monday, May 15th at 12:30 AM IST. To find out timings outside of the IST, click here and change the timings according to your region using IST as a reference.

Alternatively, you can use the live stream embed above to tune into the broadcast by following said timings. If you want a bit of fun, try tuning into Tarik’s stream during the match.

If you are not looking to watch the Sentinels match the day after, maybe the 100T vs FURIA match will be more up your alley? You can check that match out here!

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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