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Valorant Americas: Sentinels vs FURIA; Predictions, Roster, Head to Head and Where to Watch

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Valorant Americas: Sentinels vs FURIA; Predictions, Roster, Head to Head and Where to Watch

Valorant Americas has only a few matches left and the chances for Sentinels qualifying for the playoffs depend on the outcome of this match.

Sentinels have managed to overcome the first hurdle in the league to make their dream of qualifying for playoffs. They defeated KRU Esports 2-0. Now, they have to face another South American team in the form of FURIA who have looked a little unsure of themselves in the last matches.

FURIA’s last two matches were against North American teams, namely the 100T and NRG, which they lost. However, they gave admirable fights to both teams. This is going to be a showdown of a match since both teams need to win this game but for different reasons. Check out the points table for more info.


  • Sentinels Face FURIA with Playoffs on the Line in Valorant Americas
  • Predictions
  • Rosters
  • Head to Head
  • Where to Watch

Sentinels Face FURIA with Playoffs on the Line in Valorant Americas

The playoff story in every other league is looking crystal clear as half of the teams have already qualified. Americas on the other hand is a different story. The first three at the time of writing belong to LOUD, C9, and NRG respectively. However, there need to be 3 more teams for playoffs and those spots can go to anyone with enough wins.

Our two contenders in this match, Sentinels and FURIA are in the 8th and 5th spot respectively. FURIA needs to win to get a spot in playoffs while Sentinels needs to win for the same purpose but there is a catch. Their win will just give them added hope, playoffs will still be unclear and it depends on a lot of other teams losing their matches.


Sentinels are a good squad so is FURIA. That is why, it is a difficult task to analyze who will win this match-up. We think Sentinels are going to take this game 2-1 with the new IGL Marved at the helm and TenZ returning. However, we will not be surprised if FURIA pop off and dgzin drags them to victory.



  • Marved
  • Zekken
  • pANcada
  • TenZ
  • Sacy


  • dgzin
  • Mazin
  • Khalil
  • Qck
  • mwzera

Head to Head

These teams have faced each other only once and that was at VCT Champions 2021. They faced each other in the Group Stage of the tournament in which Sentinels won 2-1. However, that was the old squad that was undefeated in Masters. This is a relatively new one with lesser experience playing together.

Where to Watch

Fans can watch this match by tuning into the Valorant Americas Twitch or YouTube channel. The match will begin at 12:30 AM IST on May 19th. For viewers on the other side of the globe, it starts at 12:00 PDT on May 18th. If you live in any other timezone you can use this converter. 

For banter and fun, you can join Tarik’s stream which is sure to be fun. If Valorant EMEA interests you, click here for the FNATIC and NAVI match-up!

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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