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TenZ returns to Sentinels Valorant Starting Lineup After Weeks of Absence

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

TenZ returns to Sentinels Valorant Starting Lineup After Weeks of Absence

TenZ is the undisputed mascot of the Sentinels Valorant team. However, due to health complications and familial circumstances, he missed three weeks of matches. He was diagnosed with Covid in addition to having a finger injury. That is why, he was not present the last few weeks as Marved was the one holding down the fort on Sentinels. However, the former OpTic controller couldn’t help the team to victory in many matches as the Sentinels’ points table score is 2-5. Let us break down this situation and TenZ’s return.

TenZ Comes in For Sentinel’s Remaining Matches in Valorant Americas

With the return of TenZ, there is still hope of the Sentinels making playoffs for the league. However, to do that, they will need to win both of their matches, one against KRU Esports and one against FURIA. FURIA is a strong team and gave NRG a tough fight last week. However, Sentinels need to give it their all to win these matches. In addition, according to George Geddes, Dephh is set to make his way out of the organization. Nothing is set in stone yet so we will have to wait and see.

In the video above, we saw coach Kaplan with an announcement with a cameo from TenZ saying, “f*ck it, I’m back.” Therefore, the new starting lineup for Sentinels against KRU Esports will look like this:

  • Marved
  • TenZ
  • Sacy
  • Pancada
  • Zekken

We think Sacy is going to be the IGL as he has experience co-IGLing on LOUD alongside Saadhak. It is a good move for Sentinels as Sacy is a capable IGL. Removing Dephh was uncharacteristic since it is the middle of the season. However, they need to do whatever they can to qualify for playoffs so it is understandable. The Sentinel’s Valorant Roster’s next match is scheduled to be against KRU Esports on 14th May as Valorant Americas moves to its 7th week.

Do you think removing Dephh from the team was a good move despite his performance? Let us know in the comments below! For more Valorant content, click here!

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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