Former Valorant player Chrysania receives a 4-month suspension for providing MMR boosting service

Yuvansh Ruia
|Published January 28, 2022

Ian “Chrysania” Chin, a former Valorant player from Singaporean organization Bleed eSports, is the latest victim of Riot’s competitive ruling.

As the Qualifiers for VCT 2022 kicks off, Riot Games take on the responsibility to maintain integrity. And a strict one at that.

Chrysania violated Section 7 of Riot Games’ Terms of Service (ToS). Also, Rule 7.2.9 of the Valorant Global Competition Policy.

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The rule prohibits the boosting of Valorant accounts in any manner. Consequently, Riot imposes a four-month ban.

Retired player banned under violation of Valorant Global Competition Policy

Chrysania is 24-years-old. He enjoyed a brief career in professional Valorant. He played for Singaporean teams such as Bleed eSports, UwU, and Team 600 before retiring.

Currently, Chrysania is banned to participate in all tournaments for 4 months. Riot confirmed certain facts about Chrysania.

He is a pioneer in the formation of a commercial Valorant account boosting service. For a fair sum of money, this service offers players assistance in improving in-game ranking.

Official Ruling of Valorant against Ian “Chrysania” Chin

Rule 7.2.9 of the Valorant Global Competition policy is strict. It prohibits any form of affiliation for increasing the Matchmaking Ranking of any account.

Riot mentions a list of activities that are regarded as prohibited conduct:

  • Allows access to the player’s account or Riot ID by another player in order to increase the MMR of the player’s account or Riot ID.
  • Accesses another player’s account or Riot ID in order to increase the MMR of the other player’s account or Riot ID.
  • Enters a financial arrangement with another player to queue together in order to increase the MMR of either player’s account or Riot ID.
  • Repeatedly queues with another player that is identified as an active cheater in the VALORANT Competitive Matchmaking mode.

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