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How to refund your Valorant Skins?

Tanmaiy Reddy

How to refund your Valorant Skins?

Here is the complete guide as to how you can refund your Valorant Skins, and which skins are eligible for a refund after you purchase them.

Since its release in June 2020, Valorant has given us some of the most creative skins and collections. Some of the collections are available through battle passes or free events. Whereas some of them keep rotating in and out of our store, which we can equip after we buy them.

Some of the most famous skin collections we have seen so far are Prime, Reaver, RGX, Glitchpop, Severine, and more. And thanks to the evergrowing no. of skins available we have seen some unique collections in people’s accounts. But sometimes you might not enjoy the skin you bought as much as you thought and might be looking to refund it. Here is a complete guide on you can do that.

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How to refund Valorant Skins?

Riot gives you the option to refund any skins you buy, but there are some conditions. You cant get a refund if the skin meets any of the following criteria:

  • Used Weapon Skins (Used meaning equipped it in-game)
  • Upgraded Weapon Skins (When you use radianite points to upgrade your weapons)
  • Character Contract Levels
  • Weapon Skin Levels
  • Weapon Skin Bundles
  • Premium Battle Passes
  • Premium Battle Pass Levels
  • Radianite Points

For more details, please see VALORANT’s refund policy and Riot’s global refund policy.

If you have passed the above test here is how you can start your process for a refund:

Step 1: Visit the Valorant Support Site

Step 2: where at the bottom of the screen you will see a Log in button, click on it

Step 3: After logging in, you will see the option to request order history

Step 4: after requesting your history, you will be able to see all the skin which are available for a refund

However, if your skins do not fall within the criteria for a refund, you will not be able to refund them and your list will show “You do not have anything available for an in-game refund currently!“.

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