Cover Image for SEN TenZ earned $7.5 Million in less than 4 hours thanks to this one move

SEN TenZ earned $7.5 Million in less than 4 hours thanks to this one move

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Sun Jul 24 2022

Sen Tenz’s insane collaboration with FinalMouse led to a total earning of $7.5 Million in just around 4 hours.

If you’ve been around the Valorant for some time, it’s fair to assume you know the name, Tenz. Sentinals dualist has made a career for himself but just dominating his competition. Starting off in Cloud 9, Tenz made his name by being the first player to reach Radiant in Valornat. And that was just the beginning of his career. He went on a rampage in all of Cloud 9’s competitive matches but was never able to secure the first position.

Which led him to ultimately drop off C9’s active roster and look for other opportunities. And we all are familiar with what happened next. He joined Sentinels and won the first-ever international tournament.

Apart from his competitive career, Tenz is also famous for his Twitch streams where he gives his viewers insight into his thought process and his play style.

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Sen TenZ X FinalMouse

Thanks to his fame, Tenz has received quite a lot of sponsorship. But this has been one of the best partnerships that he has seen so far. Final mouse is one of the recent mouses which can into productions. And since its beginning, Tenz has been promoting the org for some time.

And due to this collaboration, Final Mouse made the choice to release a new mouse with a special partnership with Tenz, titled “Starlite Pro – Tenz”. And it banged, as they were able to go out of stock in just 4 hours. They literally sold 40,000 mice in just a few hours.

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