NA VCT Stage 2: 100 Thieves new roster annihilates the Kings of NA

Yuvansh Ruia
|Published May 14, 2022

NA VCT Stage 2 kicked off with a major surprise for VALORANT fans. Let’s take a look at how the new 100 Thieves destroyed The Guard.

The Guard and 100 Thieves went against each other on the opening day of Group Stage. The opening day sets the tone of the tourney and how each team is looking. And 100 Thieves have showed that they are here to play. They didn’t hesitate and Asuna’s experience showed very clearly

The Guard didn’t seem their usual self as their structured gameplay seemed very predictable for 100 Thieves. The Guard fans have things to worry about now. So let’s dive into this opening matchup of NA VCT Stage 2 Challengers.


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NA VCT Stage 2 Challengers: The Guard vs 100 Thieves

This was an extremely hyped match given that The Guard had probably caused 100 Thieves meltdown in NA VCT Stage 1. They won the series 2-0 and also 13-0’d 100 Thieves on Ascent. 100 Thieves were seeking revenge.

Map 1: Fracture

100 Thieves absolutely proved their map pick as they went on to win the first 8 rounds on the back Asuna’s Raze. Soon, The Guard won a couple of rounds but 100T ended up winning the map 13-5. 100 Thieves looked really well coordinated and seemed one step ahead of The Guard. TGRD Net had one of his worst games ending up with a 3/15 KD.

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Map 2: Bind

The Guard’s map pick, Bind looked like a good start for them. They finished with 6 rounds in the first half of the map. Things looked even until 100 Thieves switched onto attack. They went onto win all their rounds on attack and won the map 13-6 and series 2-0. Stellar fragged out for 100 Thieves on Viper.

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