Valorant 2023 Esports Updates: In-game Tournament modes, Global events, New Premier Level International Leagues, and more

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published April 29, 2022

Riot releases their Valorant 2023 Esports Updates and new format, bringing a change to the overall structure and adding new modes.

With the continuous communication between the players, developers, and the viewers, Riot always comes up with new and innovative solutions to the formatting and overall method. With the recent change of applying the round-robin method in VCT challengers and other small updates. Making the game and the competition enjoyable to all.

However Starting next year, we will get to see an updated format for the Valorant Competitive scene. Along with some of the most awaited modes coming to the game. And without further ado let’s dive into the additions.

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Valorant 2023 Esports Updates

This is just a preview, a trailer into what’s coming next year. Let’s start with the first step, i.e. the game mode.

Tournament Mode

This mode has been in development for more time than I can count. We have been looking forward to playing this mode live for almost 12-15 updates. And it looks like we will still have to wait for another 7-8 months. But we have a date, to be precise a year.

Valorant tournament mode

Riot’s official tagline for this mode is,” a new in-game competitive mode will give every player a chance to feel what it’s like to compete like a professional, and an opportunity to work toward their dreams.


Since the begningg of Valorant, we have been tied down by Covid. Even though the international tournaments were happening on stage, there was no live audience. So we finally might get a chance to see the events live. Riot has not given any details regarding the new fan experience, but we can expect in-game team-wise content or live watching, merch, and more.

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New Premier Leagues

There will be the premier leagues where only the best of the best from each region will play. Creating a more unique and new experience for the players as well as the viewers. “A BRAND-NEW PREMIER LEVEL OF WEEKLY COMPETITION BETWEEN THE WORLD’S BEST TEAMS“- Riot.

Performing well in these weekly tournaments will help teams qualify for major events at the global events.


With the minor regions performing extraordinary in Valorant Masters 1 Rekyevic 2022, Riot is looking to expand the regional scene. Mainly focusing of giving each and every team a chance at the title.

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