Valorant Mobile beta: How to invite your friends to play Valorant mobile beta with you?

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published February 11, 2022

Valorant mobile beta is almost ready to be launched to the public. And with it here is how to invite your friends to play the beta with you.

Valorant is on its way to becoming one of the most famous FPS games. Thanks to this we got to see the scope of Valorant releasing for mobile. Which the Valorant community is constantly looking forward to playing.

However, Riot took one of the best decisions by not making it a cross-platform. This means that the players playing Valorant on PC cannot play with or against players on mobile.

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Valorant Mobile Beta

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The Valorant Beta is still in the works and will take some time to be available to the public. However, we will see the feature to invite your friends to the upcoming beta. So how it works is if you get access to the Valorant mobile beta, you have to option to invite 5 more players. But the players you invite will not have an option to invite anyone, only the player who gets access to beta first.

This feature is to increase the player base a little, as cross-platform is not available in Valorant.

But sadly beta will not be out anytime soon. Most probably we will get to see the beta available in the next episode. Which is about 4 months away. The one thing which we can promise is that playing Valorant mobile is gonna be so much fun.

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