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Valorant Player Dynamic/ Competitive Changes: Take a look at all changes for AFKs, Cascading Agent select, Muted word list, Tournaments and more.

Tanmaiy Reddy

Valorant Player Dynamic/ Competitive

With the new Episode coming in a few days the Valorant Player Dynamic/ Competitive team gave us insights about the upcoming changes.

Valorant newest episode, Episode 4 act 1 will be dropping in our nearest PCs tomorrow. And before its release, Valorant developers got together to discuss upcoming changes/ updates. Some of the changes were popular requests whereas some are a surprise.

So to start let’s take a look at the player dynamic and the competitive changes coming this season. These include things like AFKs, insta locks, player ban, chat mutes, etc.

Form the player dynamic team, we have Sara Dadafshar and for the Competitive designer team, we have Jon Walker.

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Valorant Player Dynamic/ Competitive Changes

Social and Player Dynamic Changes

Bot bans for AFK players

There are different types of AFK’s in a game. One can be where the person is AFK, one where the player just sits in spawn and doesn’t move, etc. So to counter this Riot is developing systems that check the status of a player and ban them.

Keynote: After Riot’s previous AFK penalty update the rate of players going AFK has gone down by 50%. This is a great achievement.

Muted Word List

The muted word list is a feature that will allow players to block or mute certain terms from chat. Similar to that of a twitch, where the streamer can ban certain words or phrases.

Competitive Changes

Cascading agent picks

Cascading agent picks will be similar to league of legends. Where the first person gets around 15-20 seconds to pick the first agent, then the next person, and then the next. If you are unable to pick we turn will come later. This feature is to counter Insta Locking.

This feature is still in the works and might release later in this episode.

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Account Level necessary to queue the competitive mode

Till now to queue up a competitive match a player had to win 10 unrated matches. However, now the player is required to have an account level of 20. This will help reduce smurfs and allow those people into rank matches that know the basics of the game.

Tournament System

The tournament mode is being teased for almost a year. In this mode, your will be able to form your team and play in tournaments based on ranks. However, this game mode is still in the works. But it might release further into this episode.

Maps more randomized in queue

With the new episode, Riot is adding a feature that randomizes the maps you play on. I’m sure that many times would end up playing the same map over and over again.

But now you won’t have to as you will get different maps after each game.

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