VCT EMEA 2022: More Tour details on Valorant EMEA Champions Tour 2022.

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|Published January 09, 2022

VCT EMEA 2022 is soon to set off, and various details regarding the competition have been released. Let us look at the necessary info.

The Valorant Champions Tour received quite a lot of love in 2021. With a new format, it is set to return this year.

But, amidst pandemic norms, a LAN could be doubtful. Though, we can expect some decent matches upcoming in a few weeks time.

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EMEA topped the VCT rankings in 2021.

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No doubt, EMEA was the best performing region in VCT 2021. Also, all four qualifying teams made it through to knockout stages in Champions 2021.

Surprisingly, the underdogs ACEND ascended the throne of Valorant Champions. Besides, as the title defending region, we expect tough battles ahead.

Additionally, Gambit won the first-ever Valorant Masters in Berlin. Currently, EMEA is riddled with talented FPS pros. Hence, new prodigies arise every year in this region.

EMEA stands for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Yet, the most impactful teams have been from Europe alone.

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Rulebooks and new formats were leaked in the last week of December.

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Other than Sentinels from NA and KRU from LATAM, no team has significant accolades. Hence, for all other regions, VCT and Champions 2021 was impossible. Or, at least, it was too tough to compete.

The format of the tour was announced as soon as the Champions 2021 ended. For now, this is all we know:

  • The open qualifier is single elimination Bo3. Also, the top 4 goes to the closed qualifier.
  • Currently, the closed qualifier is double elimination, and 4 teams are directly invited. The deciding matches are Bo5.
  • The VCT regular season consists of 2 groups of 6 teams. Now, each group will play a single round-robin, with Bo3 matches.

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  • The top 3 of each group make it to the playoffs, the bottom team of each group plays in the promotion tournament with the winners of the VRL(s).
  • Playoffs are played with 6 teams, it’s double elimination. The first-placed team of each group receives a bye in the first round.
  • There are 3 Major Global events VCT 2022. Masters 1, Masters 2 and The Champions 2022.

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VCT 2022 EMEA watch parties.

The Valorant EMEA chapter announced the watch party hosts. Currently, there are 3 languages listed for watch parties.

They are listed in:

1. English

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2. CIS

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3. TR

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To sum up, that is all for VCT EMEA 2022 info. Also, we will update as more news rolls in.

Stay safe and healthy. Furthermore, wear and be a responsible citizen.
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