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Valorant Ranking System : How does Valorant Rank & MMR Works ?

Tanmaiy Reddy

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Valorant Ranking System : Take a look at how the Valorant ranking system works, and how Riot determines your rank.

Riots Valorant is turning out to be one of the most played FPS games. Since its release on June 2, 2020, Valorant has been getting immersive support from the community. The gunplay and unique abilities of different agents have attracted many players from different areas.

But what attracts casual players is their rank in competitive mode. So, how does valorant decide, which ranks to place players in? According to the statement released by valorant rank, rank placement is based upon the players’ “MMR”.

What is Valorant MMR

MMR or Match Making Rating is a hidden rating assigned to a player, which increases or decreased based on match history. The base MMR for a player is assigned when they win their initial 10 unrated matches to unlock the Competitive queue. The player’s performance determines their MMR.

According to Valorant “consider MMR to be a giant ladder, consisting of all players. If you win, you climb up and push others down. Alternatively, if you lose, you get pushed down by others. No two players can tie, or take up the same spot on the ladder”.

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Player Rank Rating

To get their rank rating, players have to complete 5 games in competitive mode. The statistics of the players’ initial 5 competitive placement matches determine their rank rating.

Valorant Has a total of 8 ranks, with 7 of those ranks having 3 tiers. In which Radiant rank being the highest rank a player can achieve.

VALORANT Launch Ranks & Competitive
Valorant Rank Distribution

How does MMR affect your Rank in competitive

MMR is the evaluation of your skill and will determine the trajectory you are on in the pursuit of higher rankings. It decides who you team up with and who you play against. Riot Games will use MMR information gathered from your match history and will use it to initially place you at an approximate skill level that you have shown in your competitive matches.

MMR and RR together determine how much RR you gain when you win, and how much you lose after a loss.

An example for how RR and MMR work.
An example of how RR and MMR work.

In short

  • If your MMR is higher than your rank, you’ll gain more RR on wins than you lose on losses
  • You’ll gain and lose closer amounts of RR for wins and losses if your MMR is even with your rank.
  • If your MMR is lower than your rank, you’ll gain less RR on wins and lose more on losses

Valorant Rank Distribution in the previous Act

Rank Distribution of Previous ACT
Rank Distribution of Previous ACT

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