When will Sinatraa return to Competitive Valorant : Riot Games denies completion of Sentinel’s content creator conduct training

Pranav Shetty
|Published April 17, 2022

The President of Riot Games John Needham issued a statement on 16th April denying Sinatraa’s completion of Conduct Training. 

It’s been nearly a year since the Sentinels content creator Jay Won aka “Sinatraa” was banned from the professional VALORANT scene after allegations of sex abuse from his ex-girlfriend Cleo Hernandez.

Sintraa was hit with a six-month suspension from all VCT events due to his inability to comply with Riot’s official investigation.


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Riot’s mail to Sinatraa

On January 12, 2022 Sinatraa received an email from Riot saying that he was “fully eligible to sign up and play in VCT.” Further, it said that Sinatraa did not require training since it was focused on “cooperating with investigations” and they felt that he knew most of the information covered in the training.

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Update from the President of Riot Games on 16th April

In a statement, John Needham, President of Riot Games, denied Sinatraa’s completion of Conduct Training. This is with reference to the mail that Sinatraa received on 22nd January. The statement mentioned that the Competitve Operations Team became aware of this situation on 14th April and it was an error on their part.

It is further mentioned that Riot has begun working with Sinatraa to complete his training which will be focused on “conducting oneself as a professional”, “complying with rules and regulations” and “complying with investigations”. The statement ends with an apology to the VALORANT community and a mention of their internal investigation with individuals at Riot Games to prevent any such mishap in the future.

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Is Sinatraa returning to pro play

“My first choice would be to return to Sentinels”, Sinatraa’s response to a fan. His fans are eager to see him play besides Sentinels’ star duelist Tenz but the recent updates from Riot Games have left his fans hanging about his return to professional play.

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