“Yay said this, this guy said this, who gives a fu*k, Shut the fu*k up”: SEN Shahzam talks out about pros commenting on their lack of practice sessions

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published February 13, 2022

After the open qualifiers, sentinels came into the limelight with pro players stating that they don’t practice at all. Here is what SEN Shahzam has to say about it.

Sentinels have consistently been one of the top teams for the North American region. The NA powerhouse staring Shahzam, Tenz, Sick, Dapr, and last but not least Zombs have been dominant through 2021. However, they went through a rough phase in the International berlin tournaments.

And going into 2022’s VCT, pro players from other teams have a lot to say about Sentinels. Where most of them claim that Sentinels are so proud that they don’t even play scrims or practice. Well here is what Shahzam the IGL for sentinels has to say about it.

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SEN Shahzam on Sentinels practice sessions

It all started with Twitch chat, as it always does bombarding Shahzam on why they don’t practice. Where one viewer said, “Yay said on stream the other day that you guys have not been practicing for 2 weeks“.

To which Shahzam’s valid response was “Yay is not on sentinels, he can worry about this own team, who the fuck cares what some says about my team“.

But then he got into explaining why Sentinels have been a bit behind in practice. And behold the reason was Tenz, well he did do it on purpose per se however it was regarding his situation.

After VCT 2021 ended the Sentinel’s valorant roster decided to make a and shift their homes to a more suitable place. Where most of the roster like Shahzam, Dapr, Zombs, Sick, and Rawkus went to Dallas Texas. Whereas Tenz and Kyedae made their move to LA(Los Angeles).

And this move took some time for Tenz to settle in and get down to practice.

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And even without practice sentinels took the first Dub in the NA VCT Stage 1 main event against NRG. And what’s ironic is most teams who were the first to say that sentinels are not practicing, there lost their first match.

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