XSET vs Cloud9: Cloud9 take the W against XSET to take a spot in the Valorant Playoffs Lower Final against The Guard

Yuvansh Ruia
|Published March 26, 2022

The Valorant Lower Round 3 series was an exciting matchup with things going C9’s way even though XSET put up a good fight.

Cloud9 had an undefeated run in the Group Stage. They had only one loss in the entire Group Stage and Playoffs against OpTic Gaming. XSET on the other hand had a very expected run in the NA VCT. Ending up in the middle of their Group and having a deep lower bracket run.

This matchup was a really interesting one as XSET had Cryocells who were looking top tier. But C9’s entire team is simply better in every factor. They are truly a top-tier team in NA. Let’s dive right into the matchup.

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Valorant Lower Round 3: XSET vs Cloud9

Cloud9 picked Haven as the first map with their map pick. XSET used their map pick for Split as the second map with Ascent remaining as the decider map.

Map 1: Haven

Cloud9 started the map on Defense and absolutely crushed XSET in the first half. They took all 12 rounds on Defense which must have already crushed XSET’s mental game. C9 used Breach and Skye which isn’t common on Haven. They ended up winning 13-4 with every player on C9 playing flawlessly.

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Map 2: Split

XSET came back hard on the map, but it wasn’t easy. They needed Cryocells to pop off which he did. They struggled to a 13-11 victory with Cryocells dropping 27/12 with Chamber. The map could have gone either way but XSET came out on top with a slight edge.

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Map 3: Ascent

In the decider map, C9 absolutely obliterated XSET. They only lost two rounds on Defense and eventually won on Attack. C9 leaf showed us why he might be the best Jett player as he dropped 24/8/8. Cloud9 won the map 13-2 and the series 2-1.

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Upcoming Lower Final: The Guard vs Cloud9

This Lower Final’s winner will determine who will take the second slot in Master’s Reykjavik. Currently, Cloud9 looks like the better team but The Guard has proven their worth. A rookie team versus a veteran team is a matchup every fan loves. Let’s see who takes this esteemed slot in Masters.

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