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Valorant pro SicK arrested for the second time this year for Class B Criminal Trespassing

Aaryanshi Mohan

Valorant pro SicK arrested for the second time this year for Class B Criminal Trespassing

Valorant pro player, Hunter “SicK” Mims has been arrested for the second time this year. This comes just two months after he was initially arrested. This time he is facing similar charges of Class B Criminal Trespassing. This report was first confirmed by journalist George Geddes on May 8, 2023.

Sick was arrested for the first time on March 4, 2023, when he did not leave a Ferrari dealership even after being repeatedly asked to do so. The Sentinel’s pro was then given bail which was set at $5000. The esports organization was the one who got in touch with his family and helped him out with the release.

Valorant pro arrested for criminal trespassing

As George Geddes posted about SicK’s arrest on Twitter, he asked the people on the platform to be kind to him because the Valorant pro is going through some issues. He said:

“You may have seen he acted differently on stream. He isn’t well, please support him when he returns.”

Over the last few weeks, SicK made a return to Twitter and to streaming. His audience was quick to observe a change in his behavior. Many pointed out his erratic behavior and assumed he was under the influence of substances because of his slurred speech.

During his live stream, people also noticed he seemed a little off and made clips of him slurring and not being himself. At the same time, they noticed how he was behaving differently with his chat as well.

SicK’s teammates back him

His teammates and former teammates have recognized his behavior and come forward to tell the audience that the pro player is not himself. His former teammate, ShahZaM also tweeted out in his support and said:

“I promise this isn’t who he is.”

Sentinel is yet to release a statement about the pro player’s second arrest. Once they do, we will update the page with all the information.

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