WATCH: Chrsitian Horner hits Sky Sports reporter in the balls after the interview

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published 22/07/2018

Red Bull had a mixed bag Saturday at Hockenheim, as Verstappen managed P4, whereas Ricciardo didn’t really get onto the track during qualifying, because of his 20 place grid penalty for raceday.

Ricciardo is set to use 3 new engine parts for Sunday’s race and has exceeded his ‘allowable limit’ of changes.

Verstappen would have ideally had a good chance of coming in 5th during qualifying, but a Lewis Hamilton car breakdown during Q1 meant that the Dutch driver could jump up to P4 in qualifying, thereby salvaging a large part of the weekend for Red Bull.

Christian Horner was in a jovial mood pre qualifying yesterday, as he hit a Sky Sports reporter in the balls after an interview and sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Check out the video:

Twitter wasted no time in laughing hard about the incident and eccentricity of Horner.

Even the reporter tweeted about it.

An interesting race awaits us, with Hamilton and Ricciardo starting from the back of the grid and Vettel leading from the front. Bottas will be splitting the two Ferraris, and it will be interesting to see if there is any contact between Ferrari and Mercedes this time round.

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