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“We screamed at each other for about two days. Then we realized it was actually RNG”:How MAD Carzzy met RNG Cryin

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MAD Lions Carzzy and RNG Cryin at MSI

At postmatch interview after a match with GenG at the League of Legends The World Championships, MAD Carzzy shares the story of RNG Cryin

MAD had a pretty straightforward match with GenG at the Worlds. Carzzy was interviewed after MAD won the series. MAD Carzzy explains his emotions about the game shortly after.

Most parts of the interview focused upon MAD Carzzy’s experience at LOL Worlds. But, one interaction caught our attention among a myriad of questions asked to him on interview.

On being asked how did Carzzy get acquainted with RNG Cryin, after they were seen speaking to one another on the Worlds Stage, Carzzy replied with his memoirs from the League of Legends MSI Tournament.

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“I’m talking to Cryin quite a lot, I talk to him almost every day about my life, on League and everything, “Carzzy reveals his friendship with RNG Cryin.

Carzzy mentions his stay at the accommodation area. He was joined by Humanoid when he was screaming out of the window.

They were replied to in screaming by a group of people from the bottom floor. Eventually, after a couple of days, They realised it was RNG Team members and shook hands with one another.

Carzzy goes on to mention that he shared his WeChat ID with RNG Cryin on the League of Legends The World Championship Floor. He also stated that Cryin was a very good friend and they very often talk to one another about life.

Carzzy blowing kisses to camera
Carzzy blowing kisses to camera

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“With Cryin, that was at MSI, One day I was randomly screaming with Humanoid out of the window.”: MAD Lion Carzzy talks about the MSI event.

MAD Lions was founded in 2017 with a target to win ESL Masters: Madrid. Carzzy joined the roster along with Gistick and Shadow in 2019, November 29th.

They have also won LEC Summer 2021, LEC Spring 2021 and finished runner-ups in LEC Spring 2020. MAD Lions have struggled at this World Championships until now, with a 1-2 W-L score. They are at the bottom of  Group D at the moment In LOL Worlds.

We wish MAD Lion Carzzy, RNG Cryin and their respective teams best wishes for the upcoming matches.

Here is the Sneak peek of the Interview: Post-Match interview MAD Lions.

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